Do you know your ROI payback period?

CMMS software takes the approach that exactness is important when it comes to calculating ROI. After all, it is your money and investment we are talking about here, and you need to know that you are going to get back more than what you have put into a venture. You simply cannot stay "in the black" by investing in opportunities and projects that cost you more than you put in.

Use our ROI Calculator to determine your ROI payback period:

Labor Number Labor rate/hr Annual Cost
Minutes manually writing work orders each week
Estimate overtime minutes per week for non-PM work x # people
Estimate of labor and parts spent for equipment under warranty
Estimate of minutes spent weekly on scheduling or scheduling changes
Estimate of minutes spent on work not reported per week x # people
Cost per hour of down time- estimate of annual hours
Total On-Hand Parts Inventory - Estimate
Estimated minutes per week looking for parts x # of people
Estimated monthly fees for expedited parts
Estimated minutes per month producing reports for management
Total Cost
Savings % (20% average experience)
COST OF Proteus MMX over 3 years from proposal
ROI payback period Years