CMMS Success Stories

The following CMMS Success Stories are the result of successful CMMS implementations.  Read about a CMMS Success Story that could help you find the right solution for your own business.

Bellevue ClubBellevue Club – Facilities Maintenance Success

In a matter of months, The Bellevue Club reduced their annual budget by 20,000 dollars through asset management. On top of this meaningful cost reduction, using the work order management module made staff management more efficient.

Before using Proteus MMX, The Bellevue Club didn’t track employee hours. Now they know who is working when, and can view each facilities request assigned to different employees. They use Proteus MMX to better define procedures on repairs and will continue to do so as time goes on. They also plan on adding the mobile module to Proteus MMX so that their team can view facilities requests and other information from their smart phones.

midwayMidway International Airport – Airport Maintenance Management

Midway International Airport is upping its game when it comes to tracking and maintaining assets both inside the terminal and on the airfield. Skyline Management Group, the Chicago airport’s property management firm, purchased Proteus MMX to manage preventive and on-demand maintenance; and company officials report that it is saving time and money alike.

Spokane International Airport – Airport Maintenance Management

Since the installation of Proteus, not only is Spokane International working more efficiently, but they are working smarter, as well. According to Ken Landrus, Maintenance Superintendent at Spokane International, “It is a better busy. More things are planned and we are not blindsided by surprising events or demand maintenance that needs to be done. It allows for a more calming and pleasant workforce.” Spokane International Airport –  Video

MI Windows & Doors – Manufacturing Maintenance Management

Through the use of Proteus, MI Windows & Doors has reduced their production downtime from approximately 20% to average 3.5%. In a plant of 400 employees, nearly $1.5 million has been saved per year since the installation of Proteus. MI Windows & Doors has 10 sites that are using Proteus software. Two of MI Windows & Doors’ sister companies, MI Metals and ProPlastix, also use Proteus, which totals 17 sites. MI is planning to add another sister company, RiteScreen, to the Proteus system with 10 additional sites.

Larned State Hospital – Hospital Maintenance Management

LSH issues some 50-60 work orders per day, and has realized many benefits to using the new software. With Proteus, monitoring of labor efficiencies is now possible. Before, PMs were not always completed on time. Now, they are able to monitor and adjust staffing levels based on the number of PMs. The “multiple stockrooms” feature of Proteus has enabled LSH to maintain the inventory of a central supply department, as well as multiple satellite storage areas. Overall, LSH is happy with the speed, functionality and integrity of the Proteus software, as well as the support that he receives from Eagle Technology on an on-going basis.

paladin securityIntegrated Systems, Paladin Security

A security systems company specializing in large government and industrial clients. Paladin saw an opportunity to provide a solution to their clients, as well as creating a vertical to their existing offerings. With a time frame of 1.5 weeks to implement the first system, which included over 150 facilities and over 16,000 assets, the customer had very specific requirements for a system to integrate with existing complex processes.