Airport facilities management can be as challenging as running a small city. Building maintenance, runway maintenance, fleet management, baggage tracking, carousels, parking management, and concession services all contribute to the complicated nature of airport operations. With so many components involved in making an airport run smoothly, emphasis is placed on efficiency. This is where CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) becomes a major advantage for facilities managers. CMMS Airport facilities management software creates efficiency through asset management, improves operations, reduces costs, and much more.

CMMS software is flexible, scalable, easy to use and customizable so that it can adjust to the needs and processes of facilities management. Our Proteus line of CMMS software has an excellent track record and suits small, medium, and large airports.

Proteus CMMS software features include:

Asset management – Our CMMS software is flexible and allows the entry of any kind of asset: HVAC systems, light poles, plumbing and piping systems, restrooms, elevators, hangars, runway lights, parking garages, and any other necessary assets that you want to track, from small to large.

Preventive Maintenance Scheduling – This is perhaps one of the most important features of asset management. Scheduling and recording equipment and repairs throughout their life cycles will produce significant savings.

Inventory management – Organize and barcode inventory so that you know where to find the parts and how many parts are available.

Work order management – Schedule, dispatch and track work crews, and eliminate overlapping.

Automation – Our CMMS software features are automated and easily modified.


Cost Reduction

A pivotal advantage of using CMMS software is cost reduction. CMMS software gathers an immense amount of data, which is used to evaluate assets and processes. Cost reduction is typically realized shortly after CMMS software implementation. Over time the data that accumulates reveals information that influences company decisions. Cost reduction is usually achieved through reducing labor, improving operations, energy reduction, and inventory management.



CMMS Mobile functionality provides the freedom to get updates in the field so that work crews can focus on other duties. Even out on the runway the crew will not miss work order alerts, and they will be able to check maintenance schedules and available inventory.



Our CMMS software contributes to the overall safety and standards in airports. When inventory is managed well and important assets such as runway lights are properly maintained, safety risks are reduced. Proteus products offer an alarm interface that will notify management and work crews of emergencies or break downs.


FAA Certification

CMMS software can be used to track part numbers for FAA compliance, as well as scheduling preventive maintenance and recording accurate maintenance history.


Does this sound like the right software for you? Please make sure to check Proteus MMX on our product page, and feel free to contact us or schedule a demo.


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