Trusted by over 5,000 users worldwide, Proteus MMX is widely acclaimed for its versatility, ease of use and convenience.

When you choose Proteus, you choose a CMMS system that has been built to your specifications, and designed to meet your exact maintenance needs and requirements.

Our products have a proven 30-year track record that makes us highly reliable and dependable. Read what our happy customers have to say.


Since the installation of Proteus, not only is Spokane International working more efficiently, but they are working smarter, as well. According to Ken Landrus, Maintenance Superintendent at Spokane International, “It is a better busy. More things are planned and we are not blindsided by surprising events or demand maintenance that needs to be done. It allows for a more calming and pleasant workforce.”


Our client was extremely impressed with the software’s flow and capabilities, presenting a big win for us in making sure we delivered to our client the solution that was promised. I can say this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Eagle and their dedicated team members. I would happily recommend Eagle to anyone looking for an advanced CMMS that can be tailored to suit their needs. Thanks again Eagle!!

Christopher Lien, Technical Manager, Integrated Systems, Paladin Security


Skyline Management Group, Midway International Airports Property Management firm, purchased Proteus MMX to manage preventive and on-demand maintenance.

With the new system in place, MDW has been able to track call center activity in one database. “From a spill on the floor to a burned out light, everything is tracked within the system,” informs engineer Mike Stewart. “At the end of the month, we are able to report to our client in a more seamless fashion— in effect justify our function within the airport. It’s a good tool for the CDA in that it allows them to evaluate the job we’re doing.”


The Bellevue Club was Proteus MMX, Eagle’s CMMS cloud software. Russo explained: “It has so many different functions and attributes and more features to use than other programs. It is simple, easy, and intuitive.”

Charlie Russo, Facilities Engineer, The Bellevue Club