25 years ago, Eagle started selling maintenance solutions to manufacturing plants to help them better keep track of what needs fixing, where the parts are and who is going to do that fixing. Since then, we’ve grown into a cloud-based solution that over 5,000 happy customers have used to streamline their maintenance and operations. Here are a few industries that have continued to come to Eagle for support and how we’ve helped them achieve Smarter Maintenance.


When you think of a good hotel, part of what comes to mind is that the hotel was clean, organized, well lit and met all of your basic travelling needs. A good CMMS solution, like Proteus from Eagle, makes sure that work orders are generated to replace those bulbs when, if not before, they go out. Also, your hotel likely has an AC unit in each room. Wouldn’t it be nice to know which ones historically have issues, or to automatically have a specialist dispatched to remedy the situation when one starts acting up? With a good CMMS solution, you can. Keeping a facility in peak condition ensures better occupancy and optimal operating costs – something every hospitality management team can get behind.


We know, we’ve been talking about airports a lot lately, but that doesn’t make the basic truth any less important – airport maintenance is vital to overall traveller safety – airlines’ #1 concern. Things not getting fixed when they’re supposed to can lead to backups and delays. At worst, they can pose health and safety risks which are unacceptable. Installing a CMMS solution and pairing it with your BAS means problems from the runway to the terminal get fixed and stay that way.


One feature of Eagle’s CMMS solution that retail customers love is location management. As a retail store, you’re often more than a store. Sometimes you’re 3 stores with plans to grow. Sometimes you’re a dozen of stores and a distribution facility, with operations spread out across a large area. With a CMMS solution in place, you can quarterback your maintenance management program from a central location, ensuring a safe and pleasant shopping experience for your customers, regardless of location.


Manufacturing served as the template for our initial products and remains a strong center of our business today. With manufacturing, time literally money. When your parts wear down and need replacing, you can’t afford to halt production. Installing a CMMS solution and linking it with your Building Automation System means you are notified when parts begin to wear, work orders are generated for the proper maintenance technician, and the part is replaced before it breaks and causes more issues.

So Many Industries Benefit from Smarter Maintenance

To be honest, we could have called this list “40 Industries That Benefit from Smarter Maintenance.” Any business that is dealing with lots of moving parts that require maintenance should be using the tools afforded by modern technology to make their business run more effectively. These days that’s everything from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to education and government. Our customers come from every walk of life and business and chances are we could help you with your maintenance issues. For more info, or to schedule a demo, call +1-262-241-3845 today.