Cloud technology is an important part of many organizations’ digital transformation strategies. Proclaimed as the fastest and most secure option, the cloud seems like the perfect choice. Be that as it may, many organizations still feel hesitant to make that change. Misconceptions around running and deploying applications in the cloud are often the reason for this hesitation. 

Is your organization making use of cloud technology yet? If not, here are 5 cloud myths and the important facts about the cloud that you need for making an informed business decision. 

Myth 1- The Cloud is not secure.

Even though your mind might tell you that putting data in shareable locations makes your organization more prone to cyber-attacks, research argues otherwise. According to a study conducted in May 2020 by Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI), organizations that use Microsoft Cloud App Security are 40% less likely to experience a data security breach. Even though data can never be 100% safe, you have to weigh your options. When you host a system on-premises, the servers are vulnerable to natural disasters and break-ins. One unexpected flood could diminish great amounts of essential data. 

Myth 2 – The Cloud is expensive. 

As with any new technology, there is an initial capital investment. Remember, though, that the price of technology cannot be decided upon its purchase, but rather what it will save you in the future – its Return on Investment (ROI). When comparing the price to on-premises hosting, there are numerous areas you save on, such as servers, maintenance, power, and support. With your move to the cloud, expenses such as these are eliminated as they become the responsibility of the cloud hosting company. 

Myth 3 – You sacrifice performance.

Some people may think on-premises hosting ensures better performance than cloud hosting and every business owner wants to get the best possible productivity and performance from an investment. Trusting someone else’s opinion is often not easy. But be that as it may, you need to consider the fact that cloud hosting offers the best possible tools to help you get the optimal amount of performance from it. Vendors, like Eagle Technology, regularly update their software to ensure clients have the most modern and advanced features. These updates are done automatically and require no effort from the client. If you want performance – you want cloud!

Myth 4 – Software updates are forced on your organization.

The idea of training staff to use updated software during a busy time at your organization – is daunting. And change is never easy. The first thing to remember, though, is that you will be notified when your software is due for an upgrade – it doesn’t have to happen without your knowledge of when and where. The second important thing to remember is that these regular updates are generally small non-intrusive changes that you and your staff might not even notice. And thirdly, when you have a big update due – you have a choice to delay it. Most vendors allow you to delay such updates, and by making a quick call or sending an email, you do not have to worry about unforeseen changes when it does not suit you. 

Myth 5 – It’s difficult to use third-party features.

If you have an organization that makes use of technology to improve day-to-day activities, it is important to integrate your Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) with other systems that further improve your operations. Eagle’s Proteus MMX is programmed to integrate with numerous other advanced technological innovations, such as Building Automation Systems (BAS), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), Security systems, and sensors

When a CMMS system is integrated with a Building Automation System, for example, it will process alerts and alarms from the BAS and then incorporate them automatically into a standard work order process. This leads to better smart building management, energy reduction, and cost savings. Since these products are integrated with the cloud – it is always updated and provides real-time information. That is why the cloud makes it easier to integrate and use third-party features effectively.

The cloud is relatively new, and new is always unknown at first. But new technology was developed with the end-user in mind – it aims to make life easier and improve productivity. To streamline your maintenance tasks and improve everyday operations with Cloud CMMS, call +1 (262) 241-3845, send an email, or schedule a demo with Eagle today to learn more about our advanced and comprehensive CMMS product – Proteus MMX.