CMMS software is rapidly becoming the backbone of asset management and preventive maintenance replacing manual tracking methods due to accurate data capture and increased efficiency.

Here is a list of top 5 mistakes companies make when selecting a new CMMS vendor.

1. Getting hung up on the “look and feel”

Yes, the user interface is very important but when selecting your CMMS you should be more focused on actionable tasks that create value.  Does the CMMS software package allow you to improve productivity with quick and easy asset management, configured menus, entry forms, and reports?  Don’t fixate on the user interface more than the functionality.

2. Focusing on a functionality fit only

Purchasing a CMMS from the “right” vendor instead of just a maintenance tracking tool with the right features can facilitate the implementation of more long-lasting improvements.  Your probability of success will go up dramatically when you partner with a CMMS vendor that not only provides a good CMMS software but also proper CMMS support.

3. You think having control over software and hardware is a benefit

On-premises CMMS software can be a handful to manage. You need to provide the IT infrastructure to run the application, configure the network to enable users to access the CMMS, and then install any upgrades or security patches when they become available. And if the hardware fails, you could be waiting days to get back online. Additionally, CMMS cloud software is more secure, reliable, and affordable. The application is stored on multiple devices on a virtual server, which means if one piece of hardware fails, another kicks in seamlessly with no loss of service.

4. Believing a single ERP software solution that has an EAM module is superior

Some companies have discovered that certain Enterprise Asset Management Software packages are easier to integrate than suite solutions; because they are more open and flexible.  Finding an EAM vendor that can demonstrate open systems capability, the ability to integrate seamlessly with many other vendors’ software applications and add-ons will provide greater value and flexibility.

5. You celebrate the day you go-live

Successful go-live CMMS systems implementations without interruptions are no reason for celebration.  Success must be defined by performance measure like Key Performance Indicators and targets that the CMMS system keeps track of progress achieved.  Not simply the CMMS implantation stage.

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