Now offering “Ask Steve” our AI Chat Bot

Ask Steve is the next platform in user-driven analytics. Unlike with standard reporting, there is no need to fully understand the data structure or tables involved in generating in-depth outcomes. In this way, Ask Steve can be used by executives, supervisors and technicians alike. It can also be used across multiple facilities or a single building.

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Artificial Intelligence Chat Bot

Important Features of AI Chat Bot

  • Detect and prevent equipment failure or downtime
  • Conduct analysis to diagnose faults
  • Implement corrective action at the right time
  • Collect historical data to justify maintenance costs
  • Cloud-based real-time data that is easily accessible
  • Decrease costs and increase up time

Ask Steve FAQ

Ask Steve is a conversational analytics platform that allows users to converse with their data in order to extract information and graphical responses.

Ask Steve is a powerful data analytics tool which can help manage and preserve the life of assets and facilities. Its ease of use allows all types of users to work with the platform. A user can “drive” through their data, discovering patterns that they couldn’t before.

To use Ask Steve, you simply type in questions related to your Proteus MMX history data. Ask Steve will produce rich visualization which will automatically adjust to the data characteristics.

The technology uses engineered natural language, which is converted to code in real-time and the code is run against a powerful in-built real-time analytics and machine learning module to compute a response in real-time. Ask Steve’s recommendation engine guides the user along the engineered language as they compose their dialogs. The program is designed for continuous learning to adapt to usage patterns that can be fed back into the platform to allow the platform to learn from user interactions and user preferences in a continuous fashion.

You can ask questions such as, as “What is the most expensive part I have replaced so far?” Or, “By facility, what is the average downtime on demand maintenance?” Ask Steve will not only respond to your questions, it can also predict your questions and learn as you use the platform more.

Right now Ask Steve is only available in English.