Eagle Technology has pioneered the use of conversational analytics technology that allows business users to get meaningful insights from maintenance data by simply conversing with our new platform, Ask Steve*.

Compared to traditional data analytics methods that require writing code, with Ask Steve business users can “drive” through their own maintenance data using a conversational approach, discovering patterns that they couldn’t before, all in real-time, and reproducible.

Ask Steve CMMS AI Chatbot
Ask Steve CMMS AI Chatbot

Compared to free-flowing natural language solutions, which results in user frustration and errors, Ask Steve uses a controlled/engineered natural language approach in which a recommendation engine guides the user along the engineered language as they compose their dialogs.

The result is a more natural human-machine natural language dialog system in which the platform can unambiguously understand the user. In a nutshell, Ask Steve is pioneering a new self-serve analytics model for business users with visualization built into every step. A crucial aspect of the technology is that it is based on the philosophy of empowering the humans by using AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics to form a synergistic collaboration between the human and the (data) machine.

The Ask Steve technology democratizes the power of AI and data to everyone, in a form that is consumable and deployable naturally.

Technical Architecture

The technical architecture of Ask Steve is built with a human-machine collaboration in mind with the goal of empowering the human user. This allows the customers to determine trends and patterns that they couldn’t before and to dramatically improve the productivity of the maintenance user. The improvement in productivity also results in lower overall cost for the enterprise and higher productivity per employee.

This aspect is a key distinction and a critical reason why many AI technologies have failed – they simply assume that humans are not part of the equation. The Ask Steve philosophy is a collaborative and a higher productivity approach. The platform is designed with the idea that ultimately any automation has to produce output/insights that must be meaningfully delivered to a maintenance user who need not be technical.

Rich visualization is used to automatically adjust to the data characteristics. This results in meaningful pictures that adapt to the underlying data.

The user is engaged via conversation in natural language, rather than complex menu-based methods or a programming interface. Ask Steve takes a novel approach to natural language that uses a concept called engineered natural language. These languages are a subset of natural language and customized for the task at hand and have the property that the machine can understand this language without ambiguity, and the human can easily express their intent in this language.  Ask Steve’s engineered language strikes a unique balance of trust and naturalness

Conversations with users in (engineered) natural language are converted to code in real-time in the run-time compiler, and the code is run against a powerful in-built real-time analytics and machine learning module to compute a response in real-time.


*Ask Steve is based on the technology developed by Datachat.


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