retailWhen you run a retail operation, there is only one person holding you accountable – the customer, and these days, that customer is harder to please than ever. It’s your job to meet their needs because if you don’t, another retailer will be standing there, happy to help. Part of meeting those needs means keeping your facility clean and safe – the sort of place people feel comfortable shopping. Maintaining those sorts of standards requires intelligent retail software systems, a solution that often leads to significant savings on better maintenance.

Is your facility’s inventory management affecting the cost of your goods? If you don’t have an answer to that question, you should. In a connected economy, there is no excuse for your inventory, purchasing, and assets to not be working in lock-step with one another.  Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS software resolves these issues by providing an inventory management system that can be updated with an optional barcode scanner and a best in class asset management system. That means when something breaks – say a light goes out and you only have 2 bulbs left – Eagle has the power to not only create the work order to fix the light, it can go as far as reordering more bulbs, so your customers aren’t shopping in the dark.

Retail management is far from easy. Margins are often measured in fractions of a penny and management is expected to meet budgetary goals. Our system helps people save money on their maintenance. As a business owner, wouldn’t it be nice to pass those savings along to your customers, while giving them a better shopping experience?

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