Part 1 of our cloud computing blog series introduced the general scope of cloud software and how it differs from traditional, on-premise software. For Part 2, CMMS in the Cloud, we would like to share some advantages of using CMMS software in the cloud!

It is very easy to set up CMMS cloud software. Your CMMS provider will ensure that you are set up to enter important company data. As mentioned in part 1, cloud software requires no lengthy CD installations and avoids network compatibility issues.

Logging In
With CMMS software, the administrator can assign users with their own login information with different levels of access, making your CMMS secure.

Your data will be safe from software crashes with CMMS in the cloud. Traditional software requires back-ups at regular intervals, for if the hard drive fails, all of your data goes with it. Your cloud software provider also updates the software regularly so you have the current version, as well as protecting you against viruses.

Always Online
Servers are always monitored, so in the event that they go down, the cloud software provider will fix the problem right away. The cloud software provider maintains multiple servers so that data is always backed-up and accessible, even if a natural disaster occurs. There is no need to call an IT employee and risk not having your CMMS software for hours, or even days.

A great advantage of CMMS software in the cloud! If you manage multiple buildings or facilities that span a large amount of acreage, the mobile capabilities of cloud software eliminate trips to headquarters. Check your schedule, view reports and assets from a remote site on your smart-phone or tablet.

As you can see, using a cloud version of CMMS software comes with many perks! Eagle Technology offers two cloud products: Proteus MMX and MMX Connect. Click on the links to decide which one is right for you!

This is the second blog in a three part series about cloud computing. Stay tuned for our next blog on 8/05/14, which discusses the how you can get started using CMMS software in the cloud.