CMMS software knows how long your light bulbs typically last. It also knows who changes them and where the replacement bulbs are kept. When the system detects a light is approaching its replacement date, it will automatically generate a work order and notify the necessary maintenance worker of the issue and location of replacement parts. That means things get fixed before they break, creating a consistent and calm environment for passengers to travel through.

airport maintenance

Asset management

Streamline all of your asset and location information, making normally difficult processes like work order generation and inventory management a breeze.

Inventory Management

You can integrate our inventory features to your purchasing system for airport facilities management to automate basic parts reordering for when those bulbs start running low

Eagle’s CMMS software keep track of your labor, assets and inventory, it also creates a complete permanent record of your maintenance history, which is a compliance must

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Midway International Airport

“From a spill on the floor to a burnt out light, everything is tracked within the system. At the
end of the month, we are able to supply the city with data showing what we’ve done and the
number of hours it took us to complete the work—in effect, justifying our function within the
airport. So it’s a good tool for the city in that it allows them to evaluate the job we’re doing,”
- Steve Caruso, SMG Chief Engineer of the Midway International Airport

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Getting planes in and out on schedule is an uphill battle to begin with, there are no excuses for maintenance related back-ups. Let’s work together toward a solution that works best for your airport.

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