A good CMMS should provide effective tracking, monitoring and analyzing of data related to all maintenance activities and events that occur on your assets and in your buildings, including preventive maintenance, corrective and repair work, inspections, calibrations and condition monitoring for predictive maintenance. But there are other considerations required for multinational companies with locations and resources around the country or around the world.

Accessibility is key for a company with multiple locations. Cloud hosting helps provide ease of use for people in different locations and with different computing environments. It’s also important in sharing data and providing consistency company-wide. Conversely, each location needs the ability to customize their data according to their particular resources and daily operations. The ability to create hierarchies of controls and data separation is very important to technicians as well as management.

Whether it’s due to expansion or efforts to streamlining your maintenance company-wide, a maintenance plan is vital in the efficiency and productivity of each location. And since more planning is involved for multiple locations, more thought is also put into streamlining and standardizing your processes as a whole. A CMMS can allow technicians, managers and executives to effectively manage operations across multiple locations.

CMMS For Multinational Companies
Proteus MMX location tree from the work order view

From the technicians’ standpoint, the CMMS should provide them with the basics to performing their work: asset information, part availability, helpful pictures or documentation, maintenance plans and projections, etc. But with a multinational company, there are other factors to consider such as the availability of different languages, managing different currencies and ease of use. Although the program should be uniform for best practices, it should also allow the users to customize some of their features to allow for better navigation.

Managers have different concerns that may involve seeing daily work plans, comparing performance between assets or buildings or comparing parts usage and costs. A CMMS should provide them with a scope of their maintenance operation in order to compare and improve resources.

At the executive level, a CMMS with a proper multinational scope will allow for the monitoring of the company maintenance performance from the top down. Data can be standardized, normalized, separated or viewed as a whole. Better MRO parts inventory management can be achieved by tracking availability, usage, vendor management and acquisition of arts globally. Reports and KPIs are available to analyze costs, resources, performance, and practices.

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