When it comes to support from your CMMS vendor, 24-hour contact, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, is the gold standard. However, more and more businesses are discovering that round-the-clock support is not merely a target to aspire to; it is a necessity if your organization is to continue performing at the highest level.

Without this degree of support, your business’ KPIs – those key performance indicators by which the health, drive and direction of a business can be measured – become useless. Read on to find out why, and to discover why your CMMS vendor should be providing you with this kind of support.

Agility in the Marketplace

KPIs are metrics which are applied to your business as it functions, enabling you to set targets for growth in certain areas and as defined by certain parameters. These tie directly into your computerized maintenance management system, as it is this system that impacts these metrics and analyzes your growth as it unfolds.

In this sense, without effective monitoring, KPIs cannot give you the information you need about your company and its performance. Anomalies, declines and missed projections – all of these occurrences need to be investigated and rectified as near to the point of incidence as possible. Leave it too long and you drift further from your targets. The longer these issues are left un-remedied, the higher the cost associated with putting them right.

So, what happens if there is a malfunction with the system, if incorrect data is submitted, or if another factor skews and corrupts the results? This is where support steps in. Support is, of course, designed to ensure the ongoing smooth operation of your CMMS system and, by extension, your business; 24-hour support gives you the agility and the insight to react when your organization needs it most.

Streamlined Systems to Meet Your Goals

The importance of round-the-clock support is not limited to this kind of reaction. Instead, it becomes a vital resource with which organizations can put themselves in the optimal position in the market and to achieve high levels of performance and success in their industries.

Let’s examine a specific KPI as an example. If one of your performance indicators is a minimization of costs at certain stages of your production or marketing endeavors, the CMMS system is instrumental in monitoring and assessing your performance in this area. Vendor support helps you to ensure that this analysis is not blocked by system errors or other negative factors within the CMMS.

When this support is augmented to provide round-the-clock coverage, your business is not only safeguarded against such errors, but it will find itself better positioned to meet the projected targets. Optimizing your efficiency as you strive to reach your performance goals is vital in achieving good levels of growth, and can only be achieved with 24/7 CMMS vendor support.

Versatile Solutions

A growing business is a dynamic organization, and thus, it requires solutions and support that match this dynamism. Whichever member of your team needs to access this support, they need to be able to connect directly with support whenever this is required, and this support needs to be implemented in a way that assists growth.

Top quality vendor support, like that offered by Eagle CMMS at the top end of our range, will provide a variety of ways to access and benefit from this expert and in-depth assistance. As well as a direct, 24-hour hotline for instant assistance, your team will experience the benefits of direct email support also, and live chat with a member of the support team in real time.

These are not luxuries reserved for elite companies; these are building blocks for efficiency, efficacy and on-going success for any business. For more information regarding Eagle CMMS’ support packages, contact a member of our team today.