Proteus Energy AnalyticsCompletive businesses in manufacturing and commercial buildings rely on energy and knowing the costs related to that usage and what equipment or operation is creating peaks is critical in staying competitive.  Gaining insight into the performance of devices, systems, and their energy consumption with Proteus Energy Analytics. Your BMS connected gas, electric and water meters can be tracked in real-time.

Once you have a handle on daily usage, the next step is to identify where utilization can be reduced, or peak usage shaved, but if you have no idea of the usage, it can’t be managed!

Proteus Energy Analytics Features

Proteus Energy Analytics provides a scalable, versatile solution to monitor and measure your energy performance to determine the causes of energy waste and expense in a timely manner.

Performance Comparison

Facility, site, and building reports at various levels.

Time Performance

Measures performance hourly, daily, monthly, yearly.

Energy Cost Report

An energy cost report measured hourly, daily, monthly and yearly

Energy Trend

Tracks and identifies energy trends

Weather Normalized

Measures the impact of weather on energy consumption.

Energy Intensity

Energy intensity relates the energy consumed over time with respect to a defined physical unit of output(s) for the facility or company.

Integrated with Asset Management System

Generates work order if energy consumption goes beyond defined limit.

Direct System Reading

Reads directly from various metering electric, gas, and water systems. Also has the ability to read data at any frequency. ( e.g. at every 15 min)

Connectivity to BMS

Connectivity to (BACnet IP)

Weather Station Connectivity

Has the ability to connect to weather stations.

Built in Scheduler

Has the ability to generate and email reports automatically.

Role Based Access

User permissions determined individually based on employee's role

Standard Edition

Energy efficiency software for less complex needs to manage utility bills and energy data

Enterprise Edition

Powerful enterprise energy management software for utility bill processing and energy reporting


Multilingual System. Supports more than 20 languages

Utility Billing

Utility Bill Import. Import utility bill information in Microsoft Excel or comma separated value file formats.


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