Your maintenance plan and spreadsheets do not get a happy ever after, you might have felt like they were meant to be, but you’ve changed. Back then your needs were simpler. You need less inaccurate data, manual donkeywork compiling all your reports and wasting time trying to keep track of all the paperwork.

With a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) you don’t have to go through the pain of managing spreadsheets. We have addressed common concerns that we hear from our customers about moving to CMMS software:

1. What I have works for us.
You aren’t getting the full benefits of what current, updated software offers. Your current strategy may work, but is it the most time and cost effective option? Probably not.

2. We don’t have the extra money.
CMMS software is designed to reduce company costs, through reduced energy consumption, asset management, spare parts, inventory management, and more. The long-term savings outweigh the initial cost of CMMS software, by a longshot.

3. Upper management doesn’t see the point.
Sometimes it can be hard convincing your superiors, but if you can show them how the software will benefit your team as well as the company, they will be willing to jump on board. Our CMMS software also has advanced reporting and key performance indicator tools, that when used properly; provide the data needed to make better business decisions.

4. Can we really expect an ROI?
The answer to this question is yes! By ensuring that all of your assets, inventory and work order scheduling has been programmed into your CMMS solution, you can expect to see a payback of investment within 9-24 months.

5. The technology is too complex, our techs won’t understand.
The learning curve pays off. Through consultation and training services, everyone can get on board as quickly and smoothly as possible.

6. It doesn’t have the features I want.
We listen to our customers and carefully design our CMMS software around their needs. If the feature is not available it might be in the next release. There may be a better way of completing your task than previously thought.

7. We have to change how we do things.
Change can be difficult, but if the change produces positive results, setting new habits into motion quickly become the norm.

8. CMMS software doesn’t come preloaded with our data.
Our Import template can be used to preload your data from Excel files. We offer an implementation package that sets up your company’s success from the beginning. Technical support is also available to make sure that your CMMS is working for you.

Do you identify with these excuses, is it time to break up with your spreadsheets and invest in CMMS software? Like most technologies, CMMS software has evolved over the past 30 years. At Eagle Technology, we aim to provide our customers with the most current features and capabilities that a CMMS solution has to offer.

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