“The Road to Predictive Maintenance: Integrating CMMS and MES Leads to Success.”

August, 2016 – Eagle continues expanding their vision overseas by partnering with MPDV Mikrolab GmbH to co-host a webinar series on the benefits of integrating CMMS and MES software in predictive maintenance.

A new era in Preventive Maintenance and Monitoring is upon us and Eagle Technology, leading Maintenance Management Software provider, and MPDV USA, Manufacturing Execution System experts, are joining forces to bring you a webinar series on achieving predictive manufacturing maintenance management.

The “Road to Predictive Maintenance: Integrating CMMS and MES Leads to Success” webinar will examine maintenance requirements, technical challenges, and solutions for predictive manufacturing maintenance management. Eagle’s CMMS system, Proteus MMX, and MPDV MES solution, Hydra, will be demonstrated.

Harshad Shah stated, “Our goal for this educational webinar is to present benefits of real-time Predictive Maintenance. With our partner MPDV, we will present capabilities and technology available to assist discrete manufacturers in gaining real improvements in production efficiency and capacity.”  Says Jennifer Bublitz

Eagle Technology develops enterprise asset management software for use in factories, hospitals, education institutions and other large buildings. Its software fulfills functions including tracking maintenance schedules and the condition of machinery, ensuring systems are functioning properly for the comfort of building occupants and maximizing energy efficiency. Its multilingual software uses intelligent integration with other digital factory software such as manufacturing execution systems, supply chain software and ERP software to enable the factory of the future to be more efficient, more adaptive and, ultimately, more productive.

Eagle Technology has a history of offering its Proteus CMMS to companies in order to help them reduce downtime and keep their production schedule running smoothly while also keeping machines and tools in the best possible working order by running routine maintenance on time. Proteus CMMS helps clients collect the Big Data that results from running a complex manufacturing operation and distill it down into understandable reports that give companies all the information they need to make the right decisions for ongoing efficiency and profitability.


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