A new era in Preventive Maintenance and Monitoring is upon us and Eagle Technology, leading Maintenance Management Software provider, and MPDV USA, Manufacturing Execution System experts, are joining forces to bring you a webinar series on achieving predictive manufacturing maintenance management.
Predictive Maintenance
In most organizations problems within the manufacturing process are addressed re-actively – or as they occur. While routine maintenance is part of all maintenance operations, technology advances are pushing the integration between physical manufacturing and smart digital technology systems. This shift is being driven by Industry 4.0, and is creating a paradigm shift in how
Maintaining your organization’s physical assets is essential for running your enterprise efficiently. The goals are minimal downtime, minimal energy use, and ensuring that your physical capital lasts as long as possible – so as to remain an asset rather than becoming a liability. The way highly successful organizations achieve these goals is through preventive maintenance.
Eagle News
Milwaukee, WI – Eagle Technology develops enterprise asset management software for use in factories, hospitals, education institutions and other large buildings. Its software fulfills functions including tracking maintenance schedules and the condition of machinery, ensuring systems are functioning properly for the comfort of building occupants, and maximizing energy efficiency. Its multilingual software uses intelligent integration
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Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 is particularly exciting within the manufacturing industry. It brings together Big Data, 3D printing, Industrial Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Smart Factory, BIM and more, into a single concept. This offers an impressive amount of potential for manufacturing operations of all shapes and sizes. Industry 4.0’s basic principal is that interconnected machines and
Industry 4.0
Industry 4.0 reflects the fourth iteration of the Industrial Revolution. New breakthroughs in both embedded systems and their connective potential have created an interconnected system in a new and exciting way within the manufacturing industry. And this technological  revolution is poised to significantly change the way manufacturing works in the future. At its heart, Industry

Stress-Free CMMS Implementation

Congratulations! You have decided to implement Computer Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) to enable your employees to use maintenance data more effectively. You are now looking forward to seeing a rise in your bottom line. Consider the following hints and tips to ensure the successful CMMS implementation and to ensure the whole process rolls out as

Smart, Connected Asset Management

CMMS Connected Asset Management Fuels Efficiency All too often, tools and equipment are lost, misplaced, forgotten, broken, or fall into disrepair. Not only is this inconvenient but it can be expensive. It can cost your business time and money, especially since faulty components are not always immediately obvious or visible. A connected asset management system
HANNOVER MESSE (April 25-29, 2016) was busy with Industry 4.0 and Partner Country USA The show’s theme was an example of connected products, machines, industrial enterprises and people across countries and continents, using universally applicable technologies and standards. At HANNOVER MESSE 2016, the USA and Germany – along with other leading industrial nations – sparked
We know that there is truth in the old maxim, “it is better to be proactive than to be reactive.” Nowhere is this more the case than in the manufacturing sector. But how can we be sure that the maintenance tasks we carry out are effective? How do we know if we are conducting maintenance

Building the Digital Factory

The Digital Factory and IIoT How much has smart technology revolutionized your life? If you use automated payments for card transactions, if you rely on real-time reporting and analysis in the workplace, or if you have ever used any kind of app on a smartphone or tablet device, then chances are the answer to this
Streamlining maintenance to be faster, safer, and more economically efficient is no easy feat. This holds true whether it’s a smaller-scale operation or an enterprise-level facility. Bringing automation into the equation is a clear necessity to remain competitive. But extending this type of automation to maintenance services poses a significant challenge. Looking at the problem
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