We spend a fair amount of time discussing different industries in which CMMS software can help lower maintenance costs. From retail and manufacturing, to education and airport facilities, nearly everyone who is managing a maintenance program with moving parts would benefit from some sort of CMMS software solution. Anyone can buy software, but making sure
Last week we discussed how airport managers can benefit from implementing the right maintenance management system. Based on your positive feedback, we thought it would be a good idea to dig a little deeper. Specifically, we want to discuss how safety and regulation compliance impact your maintenance strategy and how we can help you achieve
Airport Maintenance
A good airport serves two primary functions. First, they need to safely get travelers onto airplanes and out of town. This involves everyone’s least favorite parts of air-travel – check-in, going through security, waiting at the gate, taxiing, etc. Also, it’s subject to the whims of scheduling and weather, which travelers and airport employees can’t
Coordinating maintenance at educational facilities can be challenging. Especially in the cases of universities, where responsibilities include not only maintaining classrooms, but also athletic facilities, dorms, administrative buildings, outdoor spaces and the like. It’s more like taking care of a school, plus a few hotels, restaurants, gyms and office buildings – all at the same
CMMS Training
At Eagle Technology, we value our customers’ success. It’s one of the reasons we’re trusted by over 5,000 users around the globe. It’s also why we strive to not only provide you with the tools necessary for success, but to show you how to use those tools to the best of your abilities. Because our
Regardless of where life takes you, you’ll likely need someplace to stay while you’re there. Thankfully, we live in a world that is filled with wonderful hospitality options. These hotels, motels and inns aren’t your average buildings. In most cases, each room has its own thermostat and plumbing. With some larger hotels having hundreds of
The role of hospitals is a simple one. Take care of sick people, and give them a place to get better. Over the last 100 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at diagnosing and taking care of people who need medical attention, but who is watching out for the overall health of the hospital itself? What
So, you’re ready to get smart about maintenance management. You’ve shopped around and picked out a CMMS software solution that you feel is a good fit for your business. You talked your boss into making the financial commitment because the salesperson said you’d be looking at overall cost reductions after the first six months. Fast
When you run a retail operation, there is only one person holding you accountable – the customer, and these days, that customer is harder to please than ever. It’s your job to meet their needs because if you don’t, another retailer will be standing there, happy to help. Part of meeting those needs means keeping
airport maintenance
We like to think of airports as small cities. Both rely on a careful balance of people, facilities and parts working together in harmony. When done right, it’s a logistical marvel – a finely tuned machine, built to deliver people safely and efficiently to wherever their lives take them. Your job is to find a
A lot of customers come to us looking to simplify their facility maintenance management. That means coordinating all the parts, asset, inventory, and personnel that go into planned maintenance. Knowing what you have is easy. Lots of services do that. Telling you exactly where each and every asset is kept? Not so much. Our training
If you’re considering a CMMS solution, our guess is that at some point your boss is going to ask for numbers to prove the worthiness of the investment. Your goal is simple – calculate an ROI. The C-Suite guys need a figure, and you’re going to give it to them. This might sound like an

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