We know that there is truth in the old maxim, “it is better to be proactive than to be reactive.” Nowhere is this more the case than in the manufacturing sector. But how can we be sure that the maintenance tasks we carry out are effective? How do we know if we are conducting maintenance

Building the Digital Factory

The Digital Factory and IIoT How much has smart technology revolutionized your life? If you use automated payments for card transactions, if you rely on real-time reporting and analysis in the workplace, or if you have ever used any kind of app on a smartphone or tablet device, then chances are the answer to this
Streamlining maintenance to be faster, safer, and more economically efficient is no easy feat. This holds true whether it’s a smaller-scale operation or an enterprise-level facility. Bringing automation into the equation is a clear necessity to remain competitive. But extending this type of automation to maintenance services poses a significant challenge. Looking at the problem
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The mark of a well-managed maintenance operations department is the ability to decrease costs without negatively impacting day-to-day operations or customer satisfaction. To accomplish this, it is important to know where to look for ways maintenance costs can be lowered and to have the tools to process and analyze the data gathered in order to
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The winter months of harsh weathers’ wear and tear can be particularly hard on your manufacturing plant. Unexpected downtime is costly not only to your plant operations, but for your customers as well. With the winter season drawing to a close, your maintenance thoughts should be turning toward a winter repair regimen for your plant.
Milwaukee Economic Development
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Eagle Technology Receives Milwaukee 7 Export Development Grant Milwaukee, WI – March 6, 2016 – Eagle Technology, developer of a leading CMMS system designed to assist clients with maintenance management needs, is pleased to announce that they are a recipient of an international export development grant from the Milwaukee 7 region, presented
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Just as buildings evolved to become far more than just shelters, workplaces and storage rooms, modern communities have become more than simply places in which people gather to live or work. Modern communities are about harmony, they are about interoperability, they are about a wide range of functions coming together to serve the developing needs
Imagine you work in a circus, making your living by spinning plates. The more plates you spin, the more difficult the work becomes; but the more difficult the work becomes, the more money you make. Next, imagine that your work, your career, your everything, depends on the opinions of the people that come to watch
There is nothing property managers love and fear in equal measure more than a growing property inventory. On the one hand, this is a sure sign of success, while on the other, more properties mean more maintenance management-related headaches. Fortunately, Eagle Technology is on hand to take the sting out of property management with its
Machinery and equipment needs to be maintained, routinely updated, and cared for in order to continue to function correctly and meet the needs of your business and computerized maintenance management needs. If you take care of your tools, they will take care of your business. Without proper care and maintenance, a business’ tools cannot continue
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“My office is too hot” My room is too cold-it’s freezing in here!” How do I get maintenance to come in and fix the broken toilet? I left a message with somebody in the maintenance department last week that the light bulbs are out in the warehouse and they’re still not replaced!” Sound familiar? Just
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