The nature of how we use software is changing. Normally installed from a CD and managed by IT staff, many software companies now offer cloud software. So what’s the deal with cloud software? The “cloud” in “cloud software” simply refers to the internet. Cloud software runs from the internet on servers provided by a software

One Company, One System

Facilities managers are responsible for maintenance, budget and business planning, as well as life safety and security. In many cases, facilities managers handle multiple buildings. It’s a big job, and even a medium-sized headquarters can get 50,000 maintenance requests each year, and quadruple that number of preventive maintenance work orders. On top of all of

Take the Time to Learn Your CMMS

Buying CMMS software is one thing, learning how to use it and reap the rewards is another. The lack of time and training, too few of staff, installation, and improper software implementation all play a part in how some companies miss out on the powerful benefits of CMMS software. One thing at Eagle Technology is
The outlook of the U.S. Manufacturing sector has finally taken a positive turn. In recent years factory jobs have started to rise after decades of decline. Over the past 4 years, factory jobs have increased and overall factory output has risen in recent months. The general upturn in U.S. manufacturing is a result of favorable

The Internet of Things: IoT

Lately the term: the Internet of Things (IoT), has been circulating the internet. The IoT stands for a network of physical objects that are connected through the Internet, and function automatically without human involvement. This concept has been around since the late 90s when internet networks were taking shape. As the internet has evolved over
Over half of all facilities and maintenance managers use manual paper-based methods to track their assets, schedule maintenance and work orders. Although it is very important to keep up with assets and schedules, traditional methods are cumbersome and do not capture data accurately. CMMS software is rapidly replacing traditional methods due to accurate data capture
Our Proteus CMMS software offers real-time solutions in facilities management, but did you know that a real-time component is available for manufacturers? Eagle Technology’s Proteus software will soon integrate with programmable logic controllers (PLCs). A PLC was designed to replace the necessary sequential relay circuits for machine control. They monitor the state of input devices
Eagle Technology has been selling and supporting their CMMS software internationally for over 25 years. We have over 3,000 users in 35 different countries throughout the world and our facility and asset management software is translated into 16 different languages. In fact, our customers such as Eagle Ottawa and Jabil Circuit use our software to
Did you know that manufacturers spend as much as 40% of their operating costs on maintenance? That doesn’t include downtime either. Most companies have a system in place to carry out short-term demand maintenance strategies, but to truly reduce downtime and maintenance expenses, a preventive maintenance strategy must be factored into the overall maintenance strategy.
Eagle Technology’s Open Door Policy
At times, even the best CMMS software may not be meeting your needs. In order to make sure our customers are receiving quality products and services, Eagle Technology has an open door policy. This means that our customers can speak freely with our staff. Our customers are our primary focus, and we work hard to
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After 30 years in development, Eagle Technology’s CMMS software has advanced alongside important trends in computing and management. Modern CMMS software is less limited than previous versions and can be adapted to many industries. It performs both as facility management software, maintenance management software, and has many other applications that drive data management and decisions.

The Roadmap to Success in CMMS

At Eagle Technology, our software solution is only the starting point for our customer’s success. We realize that people and processes need to be harmonious in order to collect quality information. Eagle’s customers use a CMMS in order to serve the organization for many years into the future, not just for today’s goals. It’s the



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