Your maintenance team provides an invaluable service that keeps your facility, and your company, in order. However, employee turnover is a reality. Are they taking their expertise with them? When maintenance personnel retire or move on to new positions, they not only take knowledge of their day-to-day but knowledge of particular assets and areas of
Asset management is a key advantage of using a CMMS solution. In order to meet production and service requirements, assets must be kept at peak operating conditions. Taking the entire “operational” picture into account, managers need a robust tool such as CMMS software for asset management.  A CMMS solution becomes a guiding factor in operational
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Replacing The Spreadsheets

A large percentage of businesses around the world have relied on Excel as a maintenance management tool, despite its limited functionality in that area. Excel is handy for performing some difficult calculations and analysis, but it is severely limited compared to what CMMS software can offer. Manual systems can leave a lot of room for
Cloud vs On-Premise

Cloud vs. On-Premises CMMS

Choosing the right CMMS program is a key factor in preserving the life of your assets. In addition to the features of the program and its ease of use, deciding between a cloud-based platform and on-premises is very important. Cloud-based software is hosted on the CMMS company’s servers (or Amazon, Azure or similar hosting providers)
Brady Corporation
Milwaukee, WI, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 – Eagle Technology Inc. announces their partnership with Brady Corporation, which offers the integration between Proteus CMMS and LINK360 for lockout tagout and confined space software. The integrated software streamlines maintenance procedures and assists with maintaining compliance with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations including adequate process and
Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) within an organization is one of the most important management practices, no matter the company’s size or industry that they work in, from working inside a building or outside on a construction site.  Employers want to show that they care about the safety of their employees from improved morale, to
Advances Shaping Facility Management
CMMS continues to evolve over the years due to strategic, human and technological factors. Maintenance technicians and programs need to stay current with facility modernization across many different industries. There are many recent developments that are impacting maintenance management. IIoT (Internet of Things) – As buildings and machines become more automated, they’re more able to
Industrial Internet of Things and Maintenance

Maintenance and IIoT