We like to think of airports as small cities. Both rely on a careful balance of people, facilities and parts working together in harmony. When done right, it’s a logistical marvel – a finely tuned machine, built to deliver people safely and efficiently to wherever their lives take them. Your job is to find a
A lot of customers come to us looking to simplify their facility maintenance management. That means coordinating all the parts, asset, inventory, and personnel that go into planned maintenance. Knowing what you have is easy. Lots of services do that. Telling you exactly where each and every asset is kept? Not so much. Our training
If you’re considering a CMMS solution, our guess is that at some point your boss is going to ask for numbers to prove the worthiness of the investment. Your goal is simple – calculate an ROI. The C-Suite guys need a figure, and you’re going to give it to them. This might sound like an
You’ve heard of the cloud. You know that everyone’s information is up there bouncing around like little data pinballs, but did you know that the cloud can help your very non-cloud-like operation run better AND save you money? Let’s start by viewing your operation not as a building or a set of buildings but as

Alarms are your friends

We’re going to let you all in on a secret today. Alarms can be your friends. We know they often mean headaches for facility managers, but in reality, not hearing any alarms should be the real concern. The alarm’s only responsibility is to let you know when something is not working as it should, or
One lesson to learn from the recent discontinuation of Windows XP is that if companies do not upgrade their software, they will fall behind. Knowing this, some facility managers are still hesitant to take on the challenge of upgrading their CMMS. That’s why we’re going to go ahead and address some of the common concerns
The Benefits of Systems Integration In this article, originally sent as a three-part series, we’ll be discussing some of the benefits and challenges of implementing a new building systems management platform. Constantly changing regulations and higher demands from tenants put a lot of pressure on building managers to improve overall efficiency. Whether you manage a
The Benefits of Systems Integration Welcome to part one of our three-part email series Save Time and Money with Systems Integration. Over the next few emails we’ll be discussing some of the benefits and challenges of implementing a new building systems management platform. Constantly changing regulations and higher demands from tenants put a lot of
As a busy facility or plant manager, you know that time is money. When the boiler breaks, or the air conditioning goes out, you want to be alerted immediately. A Building Automation System (BAS) has this capability, but it can’t create work orders. When your BAS detects a problem, it sends alarm. If you have
Eagle Technology’s partner, SkyFoundry, recently announced that their SkySpark® analytics software is now deployed to over 8200 buildings consisting of over 475 million square feet. SkySpark ® has been recognized as an industry leader in the intelligent buildings market and is used in energy management, systems optimization, monitoring-based commissioning and fault detection. The partnership between
Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Software) is the only solution with direct integration to virtually any BAS on the market. When a CMMS system is integrated with a Building Automation System (BAS), it will process alerts and alarms from the BAS and then incorporate them automatically into a standard work order process. The
For the third and final blog of our three part CMMS Cloud Computing series, we would like to tell you how to get started with our CMMS cloud computing software products, MMX Connect and Proteus MMX. In Part 1 and Part 2 we mentioned that the setup for CMMS cloud software is very straightforward! Eagle