Designed from the ground up to match your unique needs, regardless of your industry!

We understand that every industry has its own maintenance management requirements and way of doing things.  That is why we are committed to working with our clients to identify their unique needs and provide a CMMS solution that works for them.

A state-of-the-art software, Proteus CMMS effectively address both your computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and enterprise asset management (EAM) needs. Whether you represent a large or small organization, Proteus is the simplest and most technologically advanced solution for various buildings, campuses, or global operations.

To date, Eagle Technology has provided world-class CMMS solutions to the following industries:


Proteus CMMS software takes on the biggest problems in manufacturing by providing an easy and effective way to streamline operations, which leads to better management, a reduction in downtime, and significant cost savings.


The automotive machinery maintenance management capabilities of Proteus CMMS have won worldwide appreciation. Automotive suppliers use Proteus to support quality, best practices, and ISO standards.

Food Processing

Today’s food processing facilities are complex, highly automated, and highly regulated. In order to meet food safety and quality standards, you need a CMMS solution that will keep equipment operating at peak efficiency.


From elderly care facilities to small clinics and large hospitals, Proteus CMMS helps healthcare facilities maintain high standards for both the physical infrastructure and equipment.


Proteus addresses the unique facility maintenance management requirements of the life science and pharmaceutical industry with its Audit Trail Module. This module was designed for the life science and pharmaceutical industries to comply with the FDA 21 CFR11.


With so many components involved in making an airport run smoothly, emphasis is placed on efficiency. This is where a CMMS becomes a major advantage for maintenance managers.


When it comes to effective education facility maintenance and college campus maintenance management, you need not look beyond the formidable capabilities of Proteus CMMS.

Facilities Property Management

Today’s facilities are more complex and automated than ever before. The intelligent building maintenance management capabilities of Proteus CMMS, gives the facility manager a sophisticated link to ease their job.


Hospitality industry is a very competitive market. Clean, well-run facilities are necessary to satisfy today’s clients. Keeping a facility in peak condition ensures better occupancy and optimal operating costs. Proteus CMMS integrated with your BAS gives the maintenance management the link to ensure all work is getting done in the most efficient manner.


Our utility clients have requirements that touch environmental, as well as operational boundaries. Proteus CMMS addresses the needs of the utilities worldwide, providing operational infrastructure and tools for the facility or operations manager.


The bottom line in the retail industry: keep the customer happy. Retail managers know that customers have high expectations and demand more from their shopping experience than ever before. Maintaining standards to meet the customer’s needs require intelligent retail software systems.


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