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Get 25% off when you purchase the Proteus MMX Mobile application or Inspection module before September 30, 2019

Proteus MMX Mobile Application

25% OFF

Is your maintenance team always running to the office or shop to check which tasks and requests are next on their list?  Spending time going back and forth across the building because they don’t realize they have another upcoming task in the same area? Even while they have access to Proteus MMX, these inefficiencies may still exist in your facility.

Of course, the biggest advantage of a mobile CMMS is right in the name: mobility. Proteus MMX Mobile application allows technicians to access and update Proteus MMX on the go.

Technicians can receive, create, and update work orders in the field, without moving back and forth to their offices to complete these functions.

The Proteus Mobile module transfers PM/DM work orders from Proteus MMX to your iPhone®, iPad®, or Android® based phone/tablet or devices.

MMX Inspection Module

25% OFF

If there is one maintenance headache—and expense—that every manager wants to avoid, it is the cost of fines levied by regulatory agencies. For example, OSHA auditors want to see a trackable history of what was done on a piece of equipment, when it was done, who did it, how often it has been inspected.

Proteus MMX combined with MMX Inspection module can significantly diminish this problem.

Proteus MMX work orders can be automatically triggered when a checklist item is marked as “flagged” or “failed.”

The Inspections module will allow preventive maintenance checklists with multiple value types for pass/fail, range, numeric values and other types of responses.

Technicians can access the inspection module from the MMX Mobile application, not only increasing their productivity but also improving your record-keeping.


30% OFF

Mobile Application + Inspection Module

Purchase the Proteus MMX Mobile Application with the MMX Inspection module and get 30% off when you order before September 30, 2019!