Data Import/Conversion

Eagle has developed a reliable Data Import and Conversion process for your vital data. Our database conversion process can extract data from a variety of applications, we can even convert data from some of our competitors’ databases.

Anytime you switch from one software application to another, data import and conversion into the new system is vital to a smooth transition. And one of the things most dreaded is moving the information one part and one file at a time, and doing it with no guidance. Thankfully, with Eagle at your side, you don’t have to worry about that. Eagle’s experienced staff goes above and beyond to ensure your data is transferred quickly, efficiently, and completely.

Adding to the importing power is our great Consulting and Support staff. We work with you to make sure everything is in order before the import process begins. This includes helping you develop a part number or coding system that is easy to understand and expand, and ensuring your data is correct before exporting.

It is very important to be backed by a team with experience through this process, and with thousands of users throughout the world, our methods are tried and true. Our support team includes maintenance professionals with nearly 30 years of experience, who have used multiple CMMS systems, and pre-CMMS methods. We know how important your data is to your operations, and we take the implementation process as seriously as you do.