IIoT integrated EAM

Asset Performance Management (APM): APM is a set of software tools and applications for optimizing operational assets (such as plants, equipment, and infrastructure) essential to the operation of an enterprise.

Organizations invest in APM tools and technologies to reduce unplanned repairs (downtime), improve asset availability, minimize maintenance costs and reduce the risk of failure of critical assets. APM tools can improve an organization's ability to comply with regulations that prescribe how assets are inspected and maintained.

APM uses data capture (IIoT), integration, visualization and analytics to improve operations and maintenance timing and to identify which maintenance and inspection activities to perform on mission-critical assets.

With IIoT valuable, real-time data is available to analyze asset performance. Sensor data can include temperature, speed, energy usage, vibrations and much more, giving your team the ability to diagnose issues before they are critical.

IoT Integrated EAM

The IIoT solution collects, aggregates, orchestrates and analyzes data to:

  • Advance asset management decision making.
  • Illuminate operational visibility, which reduces the costs to automate and control assets, infrastructure, and equipment.

IIoT combined with BI/Analytics and AI will analyze data, patterns and provide valuable data for management of assets. This data can address Predictive Maintenance and couple with IIoT and analytics will detect faults and anomalies triggering work orders.

EAM tracks work orders, work schedules, history, maintenance labor, contractors costs, and labor, and helps to manage maintenance parts inventory. Companies will adopt the technologies and tools in order to stay competitive because the measurement is key to management.

Integrating IIoT with EAM

IIoT can be integrated with Eagle Technology’s EAM offering called Proteus MMX.  This integration will provide an alert and/or auto create a work order to resolve the issue before a major breakdown occurs. Proteus also tracks history of all work done on a machine. This history data is combined with the results of analytics for valuable insights into machine performance.

This information can be used to help determine when equipment repair would be more efficient, versus an overhaul or replacement. The use of historical data from Proteus can also help build, model and test analytical tools which improve the predictive maintenance capabilities of the IIoT platform (an issue with many pure IIoT platform implementations where not enough data is available) – in effect, one of the strengths of Eagle Technology is this experience and stored historical data for analytics, insights, and action.