When ESI (Environmental Systems, Inc.) began discussing what they needed in a new facility, it quickly became clear that building new would be the only way to assure their needs were met. In an interview with Paul Oswald, President of ESI, we discussed what those needs were. Energy efficiency, sustainability, comfort, and LEED certification were just some of the goals ESI was looking to accomplish. “Most importantly we wanted this building to be a reflection of ESI’s culture as a company; open, collaborative, team driven. The space layout, everything in there had to be a reflection of that which we are, that which we do, and to be an example to the community and to other businesses about how this can be done”, states Oswald.

Pulling-up to ESI in Brookfield, WI you will notice a calm setting and beautiful building sculpted out of recycled brick and curved iron. When walking in through the glass entry-way and into the main lobby, the walls are lined with wood salvaged from an old barn and light pours in through the many windows around the atrium. No matter the weather outside, ESI’s interior always feels like a perfect summer day. As spacious as their new building feels, there’s a lot of work that goes into not only the design and construction, but maintenance as well. In addition to up-keep and operation, ESI had to incorporate everything into their plan for LEED certification. “We wanted to have a computerized maintenance or work order management system to support what we were trying to do in maintaining the efficiency of the building as well as helping support the LEED Existing Building certification process.” Oswald explained. “We were looking for a system that had plenty of flexibility that would allow us to create the types of work order management solutions we were looking for; that not only encompassed the traditional mechanical equipment but really took in every aspect of the facility.” BAS (Building Automation System), Lighting, Security and Life Safety, and heat recovery systems are only the start of all the technologies involved in running ESI’s new facility. Finding a CMMS with the ability to tie in to all of them could greatly increase the efficiency of the building, and aide them in the quest for LEED.

Thanks to ESI’s familiarity with Eagle Technology, Paul Oswald was well aware of ProTeus’ flexibility and wide range of features. Eagle Technology and ESI were able to work-out the proper solution for the new facility, allowing all of the building’s automation and maintenance to be tracked and managed. “ProTeus has all the flexibility and the power to allow us to setup work orders and track events and cost in such a way that supports our efforts in efficiency and sustainability, which indirectly help support the LEED process” commented Oswald. He added, “Those features that we use are extremely good at providing exactly the kind of solution we want, and we think that over the life-cycle of this building are going to definitely contribute to the return on investment that was made”.

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