Today’s facilities are more complex and automated than ever before. The intelligent building maintenance management capabilities of Proteus MMX, with its unique building automation interface, gives the facility manager a sophisticated link to ease the job of facility maintenance management.

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Building Automation Systems (BAS)

Integrating Proteus MMX and BAS establishes a smart building management system that has far-reaching capabilities. The two software systems combined streamline building operations and expose problems that might not otherwise be addressed.

Manage Multiple Buildings

Mange multiple buildings simultaneously, collect and centralize key data necessary for an optimal and most cost-effective property management.

Service Request

Service Request module for Proteus MMX allows remote users to submit requests for service via web browser. This module is an advanced communication tool that brings work order software directly to end users eliminating both administrative time for data entry and lost requests. Service is improved through faster response times and better communication.

Proteus MMX never takes a day off.

Maximizes returns by effective administration of your properties.

Other Features include:
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance with Multi-cycle options
  • Automatically generate work orders
  • Track inventory and vendors
  • Automatically print, email or optionally send work orders to a Mobile Device
  • Multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Purchasing Module
  • Integrates with Building Automation Systems
  • Powerful Report Generator
  • Tenant service requests online

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Proteus gives property managers the opportunity to extend and augment the lifecycle of the assets across properties by helping them to schedule vital maintenance work, as well as upholding strong relationships with tenants by implementing a smoothly run repairs schedule and a high level of inventory control.

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