Today’s food processing facilities are complex, highly automated, and highly regulated. While continuously making sure the production environment is safe, hygienic and efficient.

In order to meet food safety and quality standards, you need a software solution that will help keep equipment operating at peak efficiency. A robust preventive maintenance scheduling module that generates work orders automatically so you will never miss scheduled maintenance.

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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

Proteus MMX will manage, capture, and track inspection, maintenance and repair activities for cost containment, and risk reduction. When you combine a Proteus MMX with Total Productive Maintenance (TPM), you can eliminate costly machine downtime and shift to preventive maintenance.

Predictive Maintenance

Proteus MMX integrated with machine monitoring systems provide a live and interactive tool with insight into operational trends, identify pain points, and even indicate potential problems over time. This type of predictive maintenance can lead to even greater operational efficiency.

In addition to preventive maintenance, Eagle’s CMMS software generates reports that help food processing plants meet USDA and FDA regulations, as well as state and federal health requirements.

Eagle’s CMMS software also includes:

  • Asset Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Data Capture
  • Customization
  • An audit trail module
  • A mobile module

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Maintain high standards while reducing costs and downtime

Proteus MMX is easy to use, costs effective and customizable. Companies who use Proteus MMX see a return on investment by the savings achieved through less downtime, accurate instant data, planned maintenance versus demand maintenance, as well as the increased lifecycle and functionality of your equipment and assets.

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Preventive maintenance should be an integral part of every food processor’s daily operations. Contact us to find out how Proteus MMX can help take your operations to newer and greater heights.

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