A good airport serves two primary functions. First, they need to safely get travelers onto airplanes and out of town. This involves everyone’s least favorite parts of air-travel – check-in, going through security, waiting at the gate, taxiing, etc. Also, it’s subject to the whims of scheduling and weather, which travelers and airport employees can’t control.

The second quieter function of a good airport is to keep passengers comfortable during the time they spend in the airport. That involves things we take for granted like keeping terminals well-lit and bathrooms clean. Because the first set of functions is largely out of an airport manager’s control, it’s crucial that this second set is met and exceeded. Doing so requires not only a diligent and well-trained team, but more importantly, a robust computerized maintenance management solution (CMMS) coordinating the thousands of parts, planes and people needed to keep things humming along.

Eagle Technology’s CMMS software works by streamlining all of your asset and location information, making normally difficult processes like work order generation and inventory management a breeze. For instance, those well-lit terminals mentioned earlier don’t just stay well-lit on their own. Rather, the CMMS software knows how long your light bulbs typically last. It also knows who changes them and where the replacement bulbs are kept. When the system detects a light is approaching its replacement date, it will automatically generate a work order and notify the necessary maintenance worker of the issue and location of replacement parts. That means things get fixed before they break, creating a consistent and calm environment for passengers to travel through. Even better, you can integrate our inventory features to your purchasing system to automate basic parts reordering for when those bulbs start running low.

Over time, these improved efficiencies will translate into cost reduction and improving your bottom line. Shortly after CMMS software implementation, our clients typically see reduced labor costs, energy reduction and improved operations, with benefits compounding overtime as we have more data to base improved decisions on.

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