Coordinating maintenance at educational facilities can be challenging. Especially in the cases of universities, where responsibilities include not only maintaining classrooms, but also athletic facilities, dorms, administrative buildings, outdoor spaces and the like. It’s more like taking care of a school, plus a few hotels, restaurants, gyms and office buildings – all at the same time. Managing such a large and complex facility on your own is flat out impossible, but with a well-organized team and powerful state-of-the-art computerized maintenance management software from Eagle, you will find yourself along the right path in no time.

Location Mapping
One of the main struggles with larger facilities is mapping and keeping track of assets. Unlike a normal operation that may have a few assets, Universities have thousands of assets to keep track of at any given time. Everything from golf carts and projectors to HVAC systems and dishwashers need to be tracked and accounted for at any given time. Eagle’s Proteus solution gives you the ability to map your entire facility down to the building and room, and place any piece of inventory wherever you want. That means you don’t have to wonder where your vital assets are at any given time because the software remembers for you.

Maintenance Scheduling
Knowing where something is can be helpful, but how do you make sure your assets are getting serviced regularly? Eagle’s software allows you to build a maintenance schedule, which automatically generates work orders when parts need to be replaced. Know that a certain part typically lasts 7 months? Set a work order to generate every 6 months to have that part replaced. If this sounds at all complicated, don’t worry as we have a fantastic training staff waiting to help you configure the software to meet the specific needs of your facility.

Lasting Benefits
While our software package is robust enough to handle the largest of universities, it’s also simple enough to use for smaller educational facilities. It’s why we’ve been so successful with over 5,000 implementations. Here are a few of the countless ways our software can help your educational facility:

  • Multi-Site (Campus) Management
  • Tenant service request management
  • Increase work efficiency with Mobile Module
  • Building Automation System Interface
  • Contract service tracking

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