We spend a fair amount of time discussing different industries in which CMMS software can help lower maintenance costs. From retail and manufacturing, to education and airport facilities, nearly everyone who is managing a maintenance program with moving parts would benefit from some sort of CMMS software solution. Anyone can buy software, but making sure it is properly implemented and left in the hands of a staff who is trained to get the most of it is a bit trickier. Thankfully, the experts at Eagle have years of experience moving clients through the buying, implementation, and training processes.


The first step toward success is getting your CMMS software up and running with the right information. That means getting a detailed project plan together, including specific tasks to be completed, resources needed, and a timeline to keep everyone on track. Thankfully, Eagle’s ProStart implementation program is here to help. ProStart ensures timely installation, and helps customers get up and running quickly.

Our ProStart Implementation package includes the following:

  • Determination of which modules will be used, as well as how the database will be populated. This can be done through data conversion, data import from another source, or a manual build.
  • Population of the database with your business’ information.
  • Verification that the objectives defined at the beginning of the project have been met.
  • Continued on-site or web-based training


Now that your system is up and running, the next step is figuring out who is going to use it and giving them the tools to do so. We suggest choosing a trusted point person on your maintenance staff to become an expert of sorts on the software. While our software solutions are intuitive to use, our training takes into account your existing processes and procedures, minimizing the overall impact on your organization. Eagle is happy to provide 3 types of Training:

  • On-Site Training – We come to your facility, and train using your tools.
  • Classroom Training – Training at our headquarters in Wisconsin.
  • Web Based Training – Online training with one of our implementation specialists.

Because every company is different, we strongly suggest continued training to make sure that the system is set up around the specifics of your business and addressing the right pain points.

Well-trained employees ensure Eagle Technology’s solutions are successful and your organization starts reaping the benefits of the CMMS immediately. For more information or to schedule a product demo, please visit our website or call 1-262-241-3845 anytime.