Whether it’s a vacation or a business trip, people staying at a hotel want everything to run smoothly, and the goal of the hotel staff is to ensure that the guests feel like the hotel is their home away from home. As a hotel manager, you know that in order for this to happen, there are countless small tasks that employees handle each day. Hotel maintenance management software helps keep all of your employees on track and helps ensure your day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Benefits of Hotel Maintenance Management Software

Hotel maintenance management software is designed to make everything in the hotel you manage run smoothly. When you implement the use of maintenance management software that was designed specifically for the hospitality industry, it helps keep your employees on track throughout the day and helps you monitor any issues that may arise. Some of the benefits of using hotel maintenance management software include:

• Track, assign, and prioritize incoming work orders

• Mapping functions allow you to view the work the needs to be completed in a list view or highlighted on a map of your existing floor plan

• Generate comprehensive maintenance and inventory reports to help you plan your annual budget

• Access your hotel’s maintenance management software remotely so that you can instruct your employees while you aren’t at work

• Monitor the amount of hours each employee works

• Manage corrective actions

• Create a scheduled maintenance calendar

• Keep track of lost and found items

• Manage suppliers and contractors

• Manage hotel information needed for periodic hotel inspections

• Track your on-site inventory

• Dispatch tasks to selected employees

• Track energy and water usage to spot unusual trends that could indicate a problem


Impress Your Guests

The last thing a weary traveler wants is to walk into a hotel room after a long journey to find that the air conditioner, heater, or hot water isn’t working. While it’s impossible to prevent every issue, hotel maintenance management software allows you to implement a plan for scheduled maintenance. By regularly maintaining the equipment used in each room, you can spot problems early on and fix any issues. When your guests know that they can go straight to their rooms and relax without any issues, the more likely they are to return and refer your hotel to their friends and family.


Save Money by Conserving Energy

Energy usage is a huge expense for most hotels and resorts, but it it’s also an expense that doesn’t have to get out of control. With hotel maintenance management software you can track the amount of energy and water that is normally used at your hotel on any given day. You can also set alerts to notify you if an excessive amount of energy or water is being used. For example, if a pipe bursts in an unoccupied guest room, you normally wouldn’t know about the issue until an employee entered the room. However, you maintenance management program can alert you to the unusual activity so that you can fix the problem right away.

In addition to spotting problems, your new maintenance management software can monitor high-energy consumption equipment, like boilers or walk-in freezers, to ensure that the equipment maintains an energy-efficient level of operation. Not only does this help decrease your hotel’s costs, but guests like to know that they are staying in a hotel that is environment friendly, so small changes that you can make with your maintenance management software could result in a new type of clientele.


Track Your Inventory Levels

Most hotels, especially large hotels and resorts, use a lot of supplies each day. Without the proper software, tracking hotel inventory could take up a lot of your time. With hotel maintenance management software, you can track the levels of all of your supplies so that you know when you need to place inventory orders. The last thing you want to do is upset your guests by running out of clean towels, shampoo, or soap. Maintenance management software eliminates this problem.

In addition to tracking your inventory, you can also track your suppliers and allow your suppliers to have access to the amount of inventory you have on hand. This gives you access to the suppliers contact information if you need to place an order and allows you to contract suppliers that can monitor your inventory levels and automatically ship what your hotel needs.


Track and Prioritize Your Work Orders

Having the ability to track and prioritize work orders is imperative in the hotel industry. If a work order is issues for an occupied room, you need to be able to put that work order at the top of the list so that your guests’ needs are always met. Tracking work orders allows you to see which work orders are open, in progress, and completed as well. Because your employees will always know what needs to be completed, they can easily stay on task throughout the day.


Track Your Employees

Hotel maintenance management software also allows you to track all of your employees’ information. You have the ability to create work schedules for your employees, monitor the amount of time each employee works, track corrective action, and run payroll reports. Having all of this information located in one place makes it easy to manage multiple employees.


Plan Your Annual Budget

When you use hotel maintenance management software to organize the day-to-day operation of your hotel, the software tracks all of the hotel’s expenses. You can separate the expenses by department and use the information gathered in detailed reports to help you create each department’s budget for the following year. This way, you know an average amount of money that each department spends per month so that you allocate your funds appropriately.

Hotel maintenance management software tracks everything you need to run your hotel in one place. Whether you run a large resort or a small bed and breakfast, hotel maintenance management software is a great investment.

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