You’ve invested in a CMMS to save your company the costly effects of maintenance work stoppages and needless equipment repairs and replacements. But, are you getting the greatest value from it? If you are not adequately training your employees to use it, you’re not.

While many managers would never allow an employee who only knew how to drive a passenger car to slide behind the wheel of a company truck, 46% of CMMS users and administrators do not understand all of the features and uses of their system. Because of this, nearly 80% of CMMS aren’t paying the tremendous dividends they are designed to make in maintenance cost savings.

The solution, of course, is simple: Make sure your employees are properly trained to effectively use your CMMS.

When it comes to proper training for CMMSs, the benefits are numerous:

  • Proper training increases user adoption, which is critical when implementing any complex computer program.
  • It speeds the roll-out and optimization of the CMMS. The sooner your CMMS is put into action, the sooner your company begins saving on maintenance expenses.
  • It standardizes best practices while setting up and configuring the system for use when entering data on a day-to-day basis, thereby increasing effective and efficient use of the system by all employees.
  • It improves productivity by eliminating wasted hours spent by employees trying to learn the system on company time and by the errors that are made when employees lack an understanding of best practices.
  • It enables technicians and supervisors to better understand and take full advantage of the program’s features.
  • It reinforces management’s commitment to making the CMMS work within the organization.

With the proper training, employees not only learn how to use your CMMS effectively, but they also understand better why they are using it. Well-trained administrators can institute the CMMS quickly and efficiently, and well-trained maintenance technicians can use the CMMS to its full potential.

We invite you to talk to us here at Eagle Technology about training options. We provide onsite and online training to ensure your employees have a thorough understanding of your CMMS and can get the greatest value from it.