The use and implementation of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has been spreading like wildfire. Its use allows executive management from numerous industries to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Facilities management is a perfect industry in which the exploitation of RFID technology is extremely valuable, offering a high return. Enjoy the final portion of our four-part blog series as we sit down with Patrick Garrity, Project Manager and Sales Engineer with Eagle Technology.

 Tying Up Loose Ends: An RFID Wrap-up

The goal of this blog series is simply to engage and educate a broad audience and share some insights on how RFID can be utilized with a maintenance management solution to improve efficiency and lower costs. By taking a step back and posing a few questions, the cause for RFID implementation can be further justified

· WHO monitors my assets?

· WHAT assets are currently in maintenance?

· WHERE can I find a specific asset?

· WHEN was the asset last moved/utilized?

· WHY am I missing certain assets?

· HOW can I increase efficiency and reduce costs?

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For Every Problem, there is a Solution…

On behalf of Eagle Technology, Inc. and our partners, we would like to extend an invitation to contact us as we journey down the innovative path of RFID based technologies. One of the most important aspects of this process has been our intense focus on implementing a solution that will improve efficiency and reduce costs. By exploiting the synergies and core competencies of Eagle Technology and Dataflo, we wholeheartedly intend to help your organization maximize your return on investment. We stand proudly behind our product and hope you will, too!

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