Want to get the most productivity and performance from your work crew and equipment assets? Integrate Mobile Technology with your CMMS now.

Mobile technology and mobile computing have transformed the way the world communicates and conducts business. How has it impacted the world of facility maintenance management?

Web-based CMMS gives authorized users access to their CMMS data from anywhere in the world as long as they have a user name and password. With mobile CMMS modules, client/server or web-based solutions give wireless mobile devices like smart phones, PDA’s, tablets, or laptops access to a CMMS over wireless networks. This technology eliminates the need for a technician to return to a computer station to close a work order, or review the next task at hand, saving valuable time and resources.

Using bar code capabilities can further enhance the power of mobile technology. Instead of entering an equipment number into a handheld device, a technician can simply scan it using a bar-code reader. This one less step not only saves time, but enhances accuracy. Adding RFID technology helps keep track of your mobile assets so you can pull up the exact location at any time using the mobile device.

Mobile computing offers facility maintenance managers a proven solution for giving technicians in the field rapid access to equipment history and repair information:


Streamlined Work Order Management

Work orders are the backbone of most maintenance departments. As more maintenance technicians are out in the field, they need fast access to work order information and asset data from their CMMS.


Mobile handheld devices offer:

• Dispatch of work orders from managers to technicians in real time

• Search function for work orders by equipment

• Alerts/notifications of work order alarms and tasks while out in the field

• Ability to enter maintenance time and work performed on the spot

• Ability to close out of work orders immediately upon completion

• Option to enter a new work order based on equipment status

Using mobile technology significantly reduces the work assignment and closeout cycle for work orders. Benefits include: time and cost savings, improved demand maintenance response time and increased facility occupant satisfaction. Administrative users also have real time information on worker progress and productivity to keep labor costs in line.


Improved Asset Performance

Mobile handheld devices give maintenance technicians in the field invaluable asset data and history at their fingertips. Equipment readings, usage history, security checks and maintenance data can all be collected and entered into the CMMS database in real time.

Real time data entry not only saves time, but leads to more accurate and complete information. Waiting to enter paperwork back at their desk can mean critical asset data is lost or lacking. Being able to review, service, and record asset maintenance out in the field can optimize asset performance and longevity.


Efficient Parts Inventory Management

Managing your maintenance parts inventory can be a huge headache-and potential cost drain. Handheld devices let you receive parts right on the dock, and adding the Bar Code and RFID functions can provide even greater benefits. Entering parts used during an equipment repair in real time also ensures greater inventory accuracy. Managing reorder levels, cycle counts, and annual physical inventory are far more efficient with the benefit of mobile handheld devices.


Optimize Your CMMS with Mobile Technology

Most organizations admit to using only a fraction of a CMMS’s capabilities. Adding mobile technology helps you get the most out of your labor force, assets and CMMS system.

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