In the year ahead, the possibilities for technology’s impact on the manufacturing industry are endless. 2017 was a banner year for IoT – no matter the industry. Gartner predicts that nearly 20 billion IoT–connected devices will be online by 2020 and the Washington Post and Consumer Reports 2017 Holiday Tech Gift Guide listed 12 out of the 17 gifts as IoT enabled devices.

The IoT is THE Big Thing right now

Using IoT to digitize assets and processes, manufacturers can grow their business, increase operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences to customers. Nearly a third (31%) of production processes and equipment and non-production processes and equipment (30%) already incorporate smart device/embedded intelligence. Similar percentages of manufacturers have a company strategy implemented or in place to apply IoT technologies to their processes (34%) or to embed IoT technologies into products (32%).

What does 2018’s smart factory look like?

Internet of Business published a list of four trends to watch in 2018.

  1. Industrial Robotics
  2. OI/IT Convergence
  3. Rise of AI
  4. Additive Manufacturing

These are technologies that will help manufacturing companies achieve the goals of both efficiency and responsiveness. The most important aspects to be addressed to achieve these goals are connectivity, process workflow, and automated data collection. For collection and corrective action, a CMMS can retrieve or receive sensor data and follow an automated path to communicate alerts, issue work orders, notify personnel or even initiate automated mechanical action as appropriate for a particular affected machine.

Proteus CMMS is the leading CMMS solution because it integrates with almost all Building Automation Systems (BAS). Proteus CMMS automatically generates work orders in response to alarms, runtime or events. This integration improves efficiency, reduces failure downtime and keeps industrial equipment running in peak condition. Without going into all of Gartner’s predictions and research regarding the IoT, suffice it to say that this “Thing” is HUGE! Don’t Be Left Behind!

Kick-Start The Internet Of Things In 2018