Sometime back when I had started fresh in my career after my graduation, I was strolling along the roadside towards home after my tedious work schedule. Those were the times I merely aspired to settle down to become financially independent. We did not have so much ado about leadership back then. We were reading personalities without attributing anything as good or bad in what these personalities accomplished and the way they did it. Back then it was predominantly hard work that determined success. There was nothing much to differentiate leadership. It was a time when we used to be taught about a lifetime job. It was a blot on your career if you switched jobs frequently. It was like if you can’t get a job, you love then love your job. One must be satisfied with it. We did not have the many MNCs operating in the country. The economy was closed to a large extent and globalization was just then being heard about but the shoots of the reforms were yet to be seen.

In these circumstances, a thought sprouted to never accept failure. It was thus rightly said in the book, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” written by O.G. Mandino

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”

This is something in the later 90s that I came across. Till then this thought had inculcated so much, that it had refused to go by. But, later it did become a very strong statute that drives even now.

In the process, the professional journey presented many spectra of working styles. It was an alone vision that drove me constantly though out this journey. That is to be an acceptable individual, regarded in high esteem by all as a person carrying integrity, ethics, and trust. There was sulking when criticism was to be stomached. Each time an in-depth analysis of the criticism followed. It was all in the process of trying to be a better person each day. When I trod down the professional path, it beckoned upon me that the younger generation has a much-increased pace in life to an extent that formal knowledge sharing has to keep pace with the flow, and that space in time is not available. The speed does not allow the time to look back and review several daily occurrences.

The result is the book titled “Leadership Traits – A guide to relish and realize your goals”, wherein I have attempted to touch upon the crucial aspects of planning a career, putting your plans into perfect execution to shorten the lifecycle for moving up a corporate ladder.

The current generation of employees is fast getting accustomed to the speed and wants success within a short period. There is no shortcut to success. Believe me to become a champion you should do what you do consistently. A champion sportsperson scale newer heights only because he/she practices the same thing day in and day out.  For Tennis or Shuttle badminton, a basketball player no matter which sport it is, they are the same shots in the same court practiced daily take them to the pinnacle of success. For an athlete, a gymnast, or anyone it is the practice that makes them champions. Combined with practice comes commitment and discipline. If you are on the success path all else becomes infinitesimally distant until you realize your dreams and the commitment embellishes into a routine, thus signaling the onset of a habit. To succeed you have to prepare yourself with the relevant tools and practice.

Leadership in a nutshell

Leadership owes a lot to the attributes and attributes are cultivable with commitment and dedication. I suggest you buy this book and put the principles into practice daily in your work and in your personal life to master them. As you effortlessly move on the journey to success you will see new thoughts and innovation sprouting in your mind. These thoughts will sow the seed for newer beginnings and initiatives in your work life, and a whole lot of fresh things to innovate upon. You could start getting recognized in your workplace and elsewhere as one with a strong personality.

Effective leaders are willing to not just take timely decisions, but the onus of owning and taking responsibility for the decision solely upon themselves even if it has to be in the face of immense time or business pressure. Such leaders realize what slows down slows down execution in their organizations. Often leaders panic or hesitate when it comes to owning up a decision that did not yield desired results. There is a fear of the consequences that follow. Poor decision ownership leads to reopening choices, limited buy-in, and inconsistent execution. Hence decide to own your copy of the book “Leadership Traits – A guide to relish and realize your goals”.

Respect for every individual, group, and task is the glue to hold teams and organizations together. With a high level of trust and respect in any environment, loyalty just shoots up and employees become very confident as people are treated with courtesy and kindness. For the same reason, influential leaders extend a Circle of Safety encouraging inclusiveness towards every single person to their team. All forms of discrimination, bullying, and gossiping are rejected, and as a result, the organization extracts the benefit of being competitive, profitable, market dominant, and influential.

About the book

In organizations, I had a glimpse for those who were associated as customers & vendors. In the process, I noticed that corporates are giving reasonable impetus to technical training and little on personality development. The job market is flooded with young aspirants. Many of them are job eligible either by education or technical skill sets. I observed there was despondency in the employees and that no matter how good technically they are, they do not climb the corporate ladder as fast as they should have been doing. One of the main reasons is that the ones with good technical skills are rare species, and it takes a lot of time for training in the core technical skills.  But when it comes to competencies that I have explained in this book there is a requirement to upgrade to overcome the nuances and distractions in the journey to move up the corporate ladder.

This book is written with the purpose to fill the needed gap.  You have to remember, if you want to grow your career, you have to move up the corporate ladder. You have to get your promotions. Income growth is linked to the improvement in the quality of your output and developing leadership abilities for yourself.

The aspects of you as an individual and the requirement to be firm on your decisions are highlighted in Chapter 1. I have titled it “Carry your dreams”. Your dreams are yours, very dear to you. Who else could carry it other than you? Once you carry them your journey towards realization begins.

Chapter 2 deals with Goals, SMARTER goals, Setting and prioritizing your goals.

Chapter 3 is about knowing your organization and the learning model theories, decision making, and organization’s purpose. I would say many people are poor in decision-making skills. And the worst part is that they don’t observe and understand these skills when others or their superiors take decisions. Perhaps the reason is that they are not being exposed to the process.

Chapter 4 guides on knowing your core values, managing stress, time management, handling communication, identifying your beliefs and changing your beliefs, etc in detail. that may be adversely affecting your growth.

Further, in the last two chapters, I have identified the much-needed attributes, attitudes, and behaviors. I have identified some as inwardly in Chapter 5, and the rest as outwardly in Chapter 6. The classification is not generally exclusive.

The topics discussed in Chapters 1 to 4, forms the basis for the topics of Chapters 5 and 6.  When the first four chapters introduce you to basic concepts, the last two roll out the carpet for utilizing them.

I would strongly suggest reading this book time and time again and carrying it in your office bag. Read whenever you find the time. Put the techniques into practice in your day-to-day work and your daily life. You have to carefully experiment, innovate and observe the results. If necessary try new approaches keeping the guidelines as a basis. You will start seeing a new world. But have patience and observe that the things make you feel good as you focus.

Lack of knowledge of the important skill-sets and further, reluctance to learn, for whatever reasons, hampers individual productivity.

Purchasing Information

For purchasing, the book is available on Amazon Kindle for free in   India, the USA, Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Netherland, Canada. Australia, Brazil, Mexico.

The paperback and Kindle versions are available on the respective Amazon websites in the USA, Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada. and https:www.Pothi.com in India.

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Both paperback and Kindle versions are available on the respective Amazon websites (below) in the USA, Britain, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Canada.

Italy                     : https://www.amazon.it/dp/B08QYS9QN5

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