Have you ever thought about taking advantage of the incentives that are out there – for you to get your assets running more efficiently – and find ways to shore up that bottom line? This is but ONE example that could save you maybe … 20% to 30% (or more) in heating and cooling energy costs.

Now that I have your attention, let me explain a little bit about the importance of having a good preventive maintenance plan in place. I will list some of the items that are covered in a Heating and Cooling System Tune-Up Incentive.

  • Heating Equipment
  • Chillers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Steam Traps

One of the key elements in all of this, is being able to show that you have a good PM program in place. Another, is that you are checking what needs to be checked (and that you have the documentation to back it up). Below, is an example of some of the checks and documentation that you will want to have. You would want to show your: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annual, and Annual inspections. Here are just a few of the tasks that would need to appear on the PM sheet.

  • Air cooled condenser coil cleaning
  • System pressure check and adjust
  • Filter Inspect or replace
  • Belt Inspect or replace
  • Economize condition check and repair
  • Contactors condition
  • Evaporator condition
  • Compressor amp draw
  • Supply motor amp draw
  • Condenser fan(s) amp draw

By having a good PM program, you would be able to list: all your Equipment items; their capacity; service date; hours of operation; who performed the work; when it was completed; what tasks were completed; and also capture, parts and labor costs. This is just some of the information you would have available. You would enjoy the piece of mind knowing the condition of ALL of your assets. Remember, cooling season is just around the corner. Wouldn’t be great to avoid some of the alarms, and the phone calls? Why not take advantage of the incentives and SAVE 20% to 30% – extend the life of your assets!

And make yourself “look good”, for having done so!