“My office is too hot”

My room is too cold-it’s freezing in here!”

How do I get maintenance to come in and fix the broken toilet?

I left a message with somebody in the maintenance department last week that the light bulbs are out in the warehouse and they’re still not replaced!”

Sound familiar? Just dealing with HVAC issues alone can bog down your maintenance department, cause havoc with employee schedules, and force maintenance managers to deal with unhappy tenants and employees… who are too hot, too cold, and never “just right.” Add all of the other maintenance challenges on a day-to-day basis, and it feels like you’ll never catch up.

The solution is easy: Eagle Technology’s Proteus MMX. The optional Service Request module for Proteus MMX allows remote users to submit requests for service via web browser. This module is an advanced communication tool that brings work order software directly to end users eliminating both administrative time for data entry and lost requests. Service is improved through faster response times and better communication.

Benefits of the Service Request module:

• Reduce downtime, increase asset life and improve productivity
• Easy-to-access, browser-based user interface to submit service requests
• Substantially reduce calls to your maintenance department
• Generate faster repairs and service
• Improves tenant satisfaction
• Provide requester with the ability to confirm receipt of a request automatically
• View real-time status reports for work requests and work orders by asset, building, area, equipment, requester, etc.
• Check for duplicate requests
• Send e-mail message automatically to requester when work has been accepted or denied
• Notify requester automatically about changed work order status

The Service Request module gives maintenance and non-maintenance personnel the ability to enter a service request on the spot. It streamlines requests for service and repairs, allowing remote users to submit service requests via web browser eliminating the need to install the software on every person’s computer. This means individuals in off-site warehouses, buildings on campus etc. can request service instantly, by simply accessing a URL. The requests only need to contain basic information about the asset and service required.

When a service request is submitted the service request administrator has the option to accept or decline the request. Once the request is accepted, it becomes a work order in Proteus and can be automatically sent via email or mobile phone to a technician. The requester will receive an email notification regarding the status of the request. If the request becomes a work order, they will also be informed when the work is completed.

Eagle Technology, Inc. is a leading provider of CMMS and EAM solutions for airports worldwide. Eagle’s powerful Proteus software can help you lower costs, reduce capital expenditures, and improve asset performance and longevity.

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