Does the success of your organization depend on the lifespan of your assets? A well-executed asset management strategy can help you extend the life of your assets by 50%, increase system availability and reduce maintenance related costs.

In most organizations, maintenance is viewed as a cost; it costs money to hire technicians and it costs money to purchase parts. It can be a challenge to convince management to spend more money on maintenance. However, today’s environment demands a forward-looking approach. A forward-looking plan is about ensuring you have the right systems and processes in place. A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a software tool to help you do just that.

Keep reading to find out how a CMMS solution can be the key to managing the lifespan of your organization’s assets.

Asset Tracking

Asset movement between divisions, operations or even countries must be accurately tracked to prevent loss or costly downtime. Maintenance history needs to follow each asset, and preventive maintenance schedules must be available based on operational timing, equipment status change in addition to calendar days or meter values. A robust system can handle all this and can capture data even in the event of a temporary communications interruption. CMMS has special features within its Asset Management System to effectively and easily manage movable assets.

Asset History

It’s impossible to rely on human memory and employees come and go so critical information can be lost. A CMMS is a crucial tool to store all maintenance related data in one place. The CMMS database becomes an indispensable central repository for all maintenance related information for your organization. Technicians can quickly access asset records, old work orders, previous repair information or replacement part histories to assist with troubleshooting the issue at hand. The issue may have surfaced before so eliminating troubleshooting steps that didn’t work in the past may speed up the repair process.

Preventive Asset Maintenance

Reactive maintenance doesn’t keep systems running in optimal “as new” condition and systems will deteriorate faster so they don’t maximize their capital investment. Being proactive involves planning ahead. A CMMS can help an organization make this shift from reactive maintenance to planned proactive preventative maintenance. A CMMS system can trigger important maintenance checks on a predefined schedule, helping you stick to your planned maintenance program. By planning system maintenance and inspections, organizations can prevent major breakdowns or in many cases, identify the small issues before they turn into big issues. Planned maintenance also gives technicians time to prepare the right tools and parts for the job so your team shifts from reactive to preventive.

More than data, smart asset management

Asset management can affect all aspects of the business; customer service, goodwill, product quality, scrap and rework, energy efficiency and ultimately the bottom line. One of the biggest benefits of CMMS is that it gives your organization increased insight into everything that’s happening within your organization. You can create automatic reports that you receive and review on a regular schedule, and pull reports as needed to get specific understanding of detailed concerns. Once you have this level of visibility within your organization, you’ll never understand how you went without it.

The move to smart asset management

Smart asset management is about ensuring you have the right systems and processes in place to limit downtime and keep your production equipment running smoothly in a way that’s also cost-effective.

Eagle Technology’s CMMS software does so much more than simple maintenance and asset management. It acts as a data repository for intelligent operations smart asset management. Over time this data exposes patterns giving you the tools to make the most informed decisions, saving time, resources and money.

If you have any questions regarding how your business would benefit from a CMMS solution, contact Eagle Technology today.