Last week we discussed how airport managers can benefit from implementing the right maintenance management system. Based on your positive feedback, we thought it would be a good idea to dig a little deeper. Specifically, we want to discuss how safety and regulation compliance impact your maintenance strategy and how we can help you achieve Smarter Airports.

Because air travel is highly regulated, your maintenance plan needs to work within the parameters of FAA Guidelines. Not only does Eagle’s CMMS software keep track of your labor, assets and inventory, it also creates a complete permanent record of your maintenance history, which is a compliance must. More importantly, our software can be used to track individual part numbers through barcodes, so that you know where to find the parts and how many parts are available. When inventory is managed well and important assets such as runway lights are properly maintained, safety risks are reduced, and operations continue smoothly.

It’s important to realize that the FAA is an American government agency. This may have some of you wondering, “This sounds great and all, but what about airports outside of the United States?” Eagle Technology has been selling and supporting CMMS software internationally for over 25 years. With thousands of users in 35 different countries across the world, we are keenly aware of the challenges faced by international airports. That’s why our software has been translated into 16 different languages. It’s also why we’ve developed our global partnership network to ensure that someone will be available for support and consulting needs, regardless of where your particular facility is located.

The other major concern for many airport maintenance managers is size and coordination. When managing a large international airport, you’re often dealing with millions of square feet in concourse space to maintain, and that doesn’t include the acres of runways and parking lots, which are also maintained under their watch.

With Eagle’s sophisticated mobile tools, you can make sure your work orders, assets and team can be reached on the go, regardless of where they are. Eagle’s CMMS Mobile functionality provides the freedom to get updates in the field so that work crews can focus on the most important duties, when they matter the most. Even out on the runway, your crew will not miss work order alerts, and they will be able to check maintenance schedules and available inventory.

When getting planes in and out on schedule is an uphill battle to begin with, there are no excuses for maintenance related back-ups. Let’s work together toward a solution that makes everyone’s life easier.