The US just experienced its eighteenth winter storm of 2014: Rex, just several days after the seventeenth winter storm: Pax. Pax stretched from Florida and North Carolina to New York and wreaked havoc upon unsuspecting southern states that are not accustomed to that amount of snowfall. What happens when this kind of severe weather hits the unprepared? Power outages, pipes bursting, higher demand of resources, and collapsing roofs, which results in billions of dollars in damages. Some of these disasters are not preventable, but at the very least, implementing a preventive maintenance plan with CMMS software will minimize cold-related damage, increase emergency/demand maintenance response times, and contributes to ROI as well as overall operation efficiency.

Using CMMS for preventive maintenance when it comes to pipe inspection and maintenance can minimize cold-related damage. Routinely checking pipes for clogs and ensuring that the insulation is in good shape are two factors that can prevent pipe bursts. Another factor is room temperature; with the help of BAS (Building Automation Systems) a CMMS can monitor room temperatures to keep them at optimal levels. This aids in energy management which results in cost savings. In addition to improving preventive maintenance programs, a CMMS solution also augments a demand maintenance program.

What’s worse than a collapsed roof, sinkholes, or burst pipes that are gushing thousands of gallons of water into a building? Slow response time. This is where a well implemented CMMS solution comes into play by improving demand maintenance response times, which are very important in the event of emergencies. The Alarm Interface of Eagle Technology’s Proteus, when integrated with BAS alarm system, will automatically generate work orders. These work orders can be sent straight to a mobile device so that building and facilities managers can react as quickly as possible to handle an emergency situation and minimize damage, which is the ultimate goal. Using preventive maintenance to extend the life of equipment and reinforce demand maintenance programs will promote optimal operation efficiency.

CMMS software fortifies operation efficiency by strengthening preventive maintenance schedules and demand maintenance programs in a few ways. Preventive maintenance extends the life of your equipment and using CMMS work order scheduling optimizes labor and productivity. Good demand maintenance programs alert the necessary authorities to the situation so they can fix the problem, such as getting someone to the premises as quickly as possible to shut off the water in the case of pipes bursting. In the long run this will effect company expenditures and increase ROI.

In the worst case scenarios, companies spend billions of dollars after environmental disasters. Why stretch the budget when capital expenditures can be better managed and evaluated with CMMS software? Not only will incorporating a preventive and demand maintenance program will reduce expenses, fine tuning asset management and labor scheduling through work order management has been proven to save companies money.

CMMS software is an excellent work order management tool that is used for many things, which includes managing important preventive maintenance and demand maintenance programs. In the face of so many disastrous winter storms and freezing temperatures this winter, using CMMS can reduce damages, better alert managers to emergencies, contribute to overall operations efficiency, which leads to a higher return on investment.

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