Facilities managers are responsible for maintenance, budget and business planning, as well as life safety and security. In many cases, facilities managers handle multiple buildings. It’s a big job, and even a medium-sized headquarters can get 50,000 maintenance requests each year, and quadruple that number of preventive maintenance work orders. On top of all of this, managers have to choose a system that makes facilities management easy. What computerized maintenance management software (CMMS) will do is combine all the necessary components of facilities management under one system, helping simplify a complicated undertaking hence one company one system.

One System

The information that facilities managers need for multiple buildings is united under one CMMS software solution. Facilities managers have the advantage because ALL of the resources, knowledge, and system functions are easily accessible to administrators.

One system also ensures that terminology stays consistent, so when new information is added there is no confusion. Reports that cover individual buildings, multiple buildings, and an entire region can be generated with CMMS. Another advantage is that employees have only one program to learn, log into and utilize, simplifying the learning curve.

Individual Features Functions

CMMS software ties together features and functions that are normally managed individually or in varying combinations. They include:

  • Security: Maintain security levels by users
  • Critical Assets: Classify and log assets according to each building
  • Parts Inventory: Assess critical parts and their availability
  • Users: Assign administration rights and user accessibility
  • Work orders: Generate automated work orders to avoid labor issues
  • PM schedules: Integrate automated preventive maintenance schedules into the company’s preventive maintenance strategy

Mobile Advantage

If a facilities manager has to run from building to building, taking a trip back to headquarters to access their CMMS system may be inconvenient. Eagle Technology’s Proteus CMMS software provides a mobile solution so managers can check their CMMS software from their smart phone or tablet.

Many important components that go into facilities management are united under one system with CMMS software. Using CMMS software can help simplify building management, especially when managing multiple buildings.