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Partner Progam

We are consistently improving and enhancing our software to meet current demands. We have associated ourselves with organizations worldwide which provide us with the latest industry news pertaining to consumer needs, changing regulations, building automation and new trends.

Benefits when joining our partner program

Increase value proposition

Stand out from the competition.  Lean on a reference platform that has more than 30 years’ experience in Maintenance Management.

Expand rapidly, improve in agility

From experience, a project can take anywhere from one to several months depending on its perimeter.  Save time by leaning on best practices and many models of the application.

Stay in control of your projects

Focus on your client’s project, Eagle takes care of the rest with services such as: Secure hosting, updates, corrective and evolutive maintenance, and knowledge base.

Facilitate the digital transformation of your client

This can be completed with a powerful CMMS/EAM platform that covers most of the Integration and cloud-hosted request of organizations.

Become a CMMS Partner

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International Dealers

International dealers are extensions of our direct sales force in countries around the world where language and geographical business expertise is needed. We have international dealers in over 30 countries world-wide.

Business Alliances

We have established relationship with industry leading organizations to strengthen our CMMS product offerings and increase service for our customers.

Independent Consultants

Eagle Technology has established relationship with independent consultants who work with their clients to improve operations, solve problems, and develop strategies.

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