Comprehensive Maintenance Operations Management Software

Proteus MMX puts information at your fingertips. Knowing what you have to maintain, when it needs to be maintained, why it breaks, what parts were used to repair it, what those repairs cost, and where they should be charged to if appropriate are some of the abilities you gain with Proteus MMX. Optionally, you can use our integrated purchasing capabilities to reorder inventory based on reorder points, or integrate with your existing purchasing and payment system. Key performance indicators (KPI) are based on SMRP standards in manufacturing and our clients can define custom KPI’s.  

Proteus MMX provides the data to maximize your organizations return on investment through reduced downtime, inventory cost reduction, real-time data capture, optimize time and improve tenant satisfaction. Clients have the option to use IIoT devices to identify predictive maintenance requirements with Proteus MMX.

Get the power of Proteus MMX Enterprise

Proteus MMX Enterprise integrates with Building Management  Systems (BMS), building analytics, graphics packages, and IoT devices to make a truly smart building. Proteus MMX provides the tools to increase productivity, move to predictive maintenance, meet regulatory requirements, manage energy utilization, and support sustainability initiatives with solid easy to obtain data.

Proteus MMX Features

Proteus MMX provides a scalable, versatile cloud-based solution to manage your facility or plant's maintenance management needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep all of your maintenance activities on track, reducing downtime and increasing up-time.


Proteus MMX mobile app turns your IoS, Android or Windows 10 device into your daily workbench. On the move with you, your work order, inspection and all the information, manuals, drawings and pictures are with you. Using barcodes or QR codes, you can scan for fast accurate data on all your equipment and parts.

Cost Reduction

Firefighting (run to failure) is the most costly form of maintenance in any organization. Using Proteus MMX, our clients move to the 80-20 rule of 80% PM and 20% break fix. When they start, many are just the opposite, and we find the average break-fix work order costs 3 time the cost of a PM.

Easy Inventory Management

If you keep parts on-hand, Proteus MMX lets you track where they are, how old, what is the cost, who do I order from and what other suppliers have I bought the part from. Setting reorder points helps reduce on-hand and promises the right level of availability based on lead times.


Knowing who is doing what, what skills are required. Should this be done in house or by a contractor? Schedule even those tasks that occur once every 5 years.

Manage Energy Use

Measure water, gas and electrical usage knowing a well maintained piece of equipment uses less energy

Multiple Buildings

We offer a range of products to suit a one building operation to multiple buildings on multiple continents.

Data Capture

In order to manage, you have to have information to measure. Proteus MMX supplies you with critical data relating to your equipment.

Reports Your Way

Real-time data is available from Proteus MMX. Using our standard reports, custom reports and our new “ASK STEVE” AI Bot, information is available from active as well as closed work orders.


If your business requires FDA validation or needs to meet other regulatory standards, Proteus MMX has the solution. We have the tools and the experience to help you validate your system.

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