Today’s facilities are more complex and automated than ever before. The intelligent building maintenance management capabilities of Proteus MMX, with its unique building automation interface, gives the facility manager a sophisticated link to ease the job of facility maintenance management.

Keeping a facility in peak operating condition lowers utility costs, increases occupant satisfaction, and maintains property values. Proteus supports requirements such as FDA, JCAHO, ISO, LEED. Plus it offers Multi-Site support for your enterprise.

Enhance your facility’s asset lifecycles and streamline the tasks involved in asset management and maintenance through our maintenance software solution. Our cloud-based software means all of your employees can view current asset information at the same time from anywhere on the globe. Employees can view upcoming work orders, work in progress, schedule routine maintenance, run reports, track downtime by asset and more.

Efficiency = Profitability

The key to running a smooth and profitable commercial property management firm is to operate building systems as efficiently as possible while attending to tenants needs. You can easily achieve these goals by utilizing our software solutions. Tenants can even submit service requests online.

Through scheduled preventive maintenance, you save money and enhance the lifecycle of your building and its assets. With all of your employees on the same page, time is no longer wasted on determining a labor schedule or tracking inventory needs from closed work orders – these processes are all automated for you. Asset history for multiple locations is available to you at the click of a button and a variety of reports are provided for ease of managerial decision-making.

Proteus is the ideal building maintenance software for sports complexes, office buildings, casinos, franchise, and chain operations.


  • Manage multiple buildings simultaneously
  • Schedule Preventive Maintenance with Multi-cycle options
  • Automatically generate work orders
  • Track inventory and vendors
  • Automatically print, email or optionally send work orders to a Mobile Device
  • Multiple currencies and multiple languages
  • Purchasing Module
  • Integrates with Building Automation Systems
  • Powerful Report Generator
  • Tenant service requests online


  • Reduces Downtime
  • Optimizes Use of Labor
  • Enhances function and life of Assets
  • Increases Productivity & Employee Retention
  • Improves Tenant Satisfaction
  • Lowers operating costs including utilities
  • Controls Maintenance Expenses
  • Easy to Use and Expandable
  • Real time data available for Managerial Decisions