Comprehensive Maintenance Operations Management Software

Proteus MMX is a cloud-hosted maintenance management solution which integrates asset management, maintenance management, inventory, labor and purchasing functions for improved scheduling, cost reduction, resource planning and more. This powerful solution has mobile capabilities for users who want to access CMMS software anytime, from any location.  Management level reports show exactly how well your department is saving money, and where improvements can be made.

Companies who use Proteus MMX maximize their return on investment through reducing downtime, energy reduction, cost reduction, real-time data capture, accurate budget data, labor optimization and tenant satisfaction.

Get the power of Proteus MMX Enterprise

Proteus MMX Enterprise offers easy integration with Building Automation Systems, Analytics software packages, and Graphics software packages to make a truly smart building. Proteus MMX is highly configurable, providing you with the power to increase productivity, improve predictive maintenance, meet regulatory issues, reduce energy usage, and support sustainability initiatives.

Proteus MMX Features

Proteus MMX provides a scalable, versatile cloud-based solution to manage your facility or plant's maintenance management needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Keep all of your maintenance activities on track, reducing downtime and increasing up-time.


Get alerts and work orders on your smart phone or tablet.

Cost Reduction

Our customers see a reduction in their overall annual budget, even within the first few months of using Proteus MMX.

Easy Inventory Management

Add new items automatically to your list of tools and supplies with a barcode reader.


Maintain detailed records with automated work orders.

Manage Energy Use

Reduce costs through asset management.

Multiple Buildings

We offer a range of products to suit a one building operation to multiple buildings on multiple continents.

Data Capture

Know everything about your building with Proteus MMX.

Reports Your Way

Create customizable reports


Meet LEED certification standards or other government regulations using asset management and our Audit Trail module

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