A large percentage of businesses around the world have relied heavily on Excel as a maintenance management tool, despite its limited functionality and the increase in available technologies. Excel is handy for performing some difficult calculations and analysis, but it is severely limited compared to what CMMS software can offer.

Manual systems can leave a lot of room for error. Important data that can lead to company decisions might simply not be recorded. Typically manual systems have a history card or excel spreadsheets where maintenance history, asset information, and maintenance procedures are tracked. This kind of system is inefficient because it forces employees to look through every card or review all maintenance data. Recording data in this manner can lead to inaccuracies and wastes time.

Eagle’s Proteus CMMS software simplifies asset management, strengthens time efficiency, and the data which is collected is far more accurate than manual data entry. The range of quality data that CMMS software collects leads to company decisions that reduce costs.

The implementation of a good CMMS solution reduces the workload by providing an efficient way to collect data, as well as providing automated work order solutions and maintenance scheduling. Manual methods waste time by forcing workers to trek back to the dispatch center to get their schedules or having to manually write out maintenance schedules and other information. With Proteus CMMS, employees are easily scheduled and tracked using automated work order features. Proteus CMMS software also has mobile features that instantly notify work crews in the field.

The mobile feature allows anyone to access CMMS software from any location for the maintenance history and other important data. Management and work crews can update work order and maintenance schedules from their smartphone and other mobile devices, reducing labor and streamlining the scheduling process. This is especially valuable for airport asset management and plant management, where assets are spread out in large areas. CMMS software is also the green solution to traditional methods which reduces paper waste and associated costs up to 25 percent.

A CMMS can perform complex functions while producing much faster results. With a dedicated work order system, CMMS can help plan, examine and report on all maintenance functions without the need to tweak or program something that isn’t built for the job.

Since most CMMS programs are available on the cloud these days, service requests, work orders, inventory requests, etc. can be dispatched to relevant parties as they happen. Response times are greatly increased and repairs are performed sooner. Thanks to the efficient and powerful nature of CMMS, tracking activities within a company have been simplified.

CMMS also sets itself apart from Excel in that it offers an easy to use GUI, dashboards and advanced reporting tools. Excel can be molded to perform some maintenance and reporting functions, but a CMMS is designed precisely for those needs.

And CMMS keeps changing and adding functions specifically for maintenance and analysis needs. Proteus MMS now offers Ask Steve, an AI chatbot which allows users to essentially converse with their data to extract history and reports. With CMMS tools like these, managers and executives can make faster and better decisions regarding maintenance issues. 

Below pitfalls of Traditional Asset Management and Advantages of having CMMS software:

Pitfalls of Traditional Asset Management: Advantages of CMMS software:
  • Cumbersome work process
  • Increases efficiency
  • Inaccurate data collection
  • Captures a wealth of accurate data for company decisions
  • Increases man-hours and labor costs
  • Automates work order and maintenance schedules
  • Wastes paper
  • Mobile functionality for CMMS on the go
  • Significant cost reduction and ROI
  • The green solution
  • Helps meet LEED and ISO certification requirements

Traditional Asset Management vs CMMS

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